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5 Large Houseplants To Upgrade Your Boring Flat For Under £50

5 Large Houseplants To Upgrade Your Boring Flat For Under £50

The Debrief: It's time to upgrade from your tiny terrariums without breaking the bank

You’ve mastered the Pinterest-worthy windowsill and spent your hard-earned cash on tiny little cactuses, but don’t you fancy something that’s a little too big to sit on your bedside table? As the cold weather is upon us it’s really not the time to be donning your welly boots and sprucing up the garden, but a fab alternative is a larger houseplant. We’ve sought out some of the more affordable greenery so you don’t have to. 


Specifically called the spineless Yucca, this plant is perfect to keep in the house. It likes the sun so is best placed by a window, but it can go several weeks without watering meaning it’s almost impossible to kill. You can order a variety of Yucca plants from The Palm Centre for £39.95.

Monstera Deliciosa 

More commonly called a cheese plant, these guys are a big deal. Any plant from the monstera deliciosa (possibly the best name in the history of plants) family makes for tropical vibes all year round. It’s glossy, green leaves thrive in indirect sunlight and the plant really doesn’t need too much watering to survive. What’s even better is that they're available from Ikea for only £15.00.  


Bring the beach to your bedroom by whacking a great old palm tree in the corner. Palm trees are great houseplants as they can cope with the lack of water. They also grow well in direct or indirect sunlight meaning they don’t require excessive attention. Palm trees will grow to quite a height (not as tall as the ones you can spot in L.A., thankfully) but very slowly so be patient. Amazon is the best place to look for indoor palm trees, with most sitting around the £25-£30 mark. 

Norfolk Island Pine

If tropical isn't the right vibe for you, opt for a Norfolk Island Pine. It usually reaches about 3 metres when grown as a houseplant and they do require a bit of care. It doesn't like any drafts and must be kept in indirect sunlight. The soil needs to be kept slightly moist most of the time. The best thing about these is that they double up as a mini Christmas tree when it gets to December. Just chuck on a bit of tinsel and you're good to go. Get one from Best4Garden for £29.


If everything else sounds too basic and you fancy a challenge, bamboo is the indoor plant for you. Although most types of bamboo can’t be grown inside, there are a few that can tolerate the indoor conditions. If done right, bamboo can be the striking centrepiece to any room but it does take practice. The plants need a lot of light and most types like dry but warm conditions. Charella Gardens have some bamboo plants at £19.95. 

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