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Actual Fun Things To Do If You’re Doing Dry January In 2017

The Debrief: Because you can't always go bowling

If you’ve knocked the booze on the head for Dry January then well done you. You’re a bigger lady than we’ll ever be and we salute you in all your future endeavours.

Here’s a few (actually) fun things to fill your month with if you don't fancy staying in every night – though there's nothing wrong with that, either. 

The nostalgic karaoke cinema trip 

You know how normally you’d need seven cocktails and three shots to even consider engaging in a spot of karaoke, lest anyone hears how similar your voice is to Cameron Diaz’s in My Best Friend Wedding? The Prince Charles Cinema's Dirty Dancing and Grease sing-a-long screenings will provide the perfect cover for an un-Dutch-couraged you to sing your little heart out, embarrassment free.

The soft play that's not just for kids

As a child, there was nothing more fun than shooting down slides, tumbling into ball pits and bouncing on any available surface. As an adult, there's still nothing more fun, especially during Dry January. At PlayZone Portsmouth and Swansea, Tuesdays and Fridays from 8-11pm are adults only nights, and you can even book a sleepover if you just can't get enough. Maybe save that for when you're back on the bottle, though…

The bar that only serves mocktails

If you really truly can’t trust yourself not to ‘accidentally’ order a martini in a moment of madness, then move your socialising from an actual bar to London's Redemption Bar, and its two outposts in Notting Hill and Shoreditch. With a (quite frankly deliciously sexy looking) mocktail menu, they also do food, all of which is 100% vegan. So that's Veganuary AND Dry January covered.

The alternative to going out at all

Guys there’s SO MUCH GOOD TELLY coming up. Z: The Beginning Of Everything on Amazon Video looks sick, Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events gets the Netflix Original treatment on January 13th and Tom Hardy's in a new drama called Taboo on the Beeb. Oh, and Sherlock's back for season four! Never leaving the house again.

The other alternative to going out at all

Have sex. Lots of it. No s/o? Lovehoney is your friend.

The only app you need this month

We're not talking about Tinder. Nope. Definitely not. Though, if you fancy it, then why not? But what we were going to suggest is that you sign up to Borrow My Doggy. Find a four-legged friend and take him for walks on the weekend. We promise it's much more fulfilling than seven glasses of wine.

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