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7 Things You Can Finally Say Now You\\\\\\\'ve Got The Cheese Emoji

7 Things You Can Finally Say Now You've Got The Cheese Emoji

The Debrief: A whole new cheesy world has just opened up to you.

Today didn’t start out all that well, chaps. Being perfectly honest, Team Debrief went out last night and drank all of the wine London’s Soho had on offer, danced a lot to Destiny’s Child and, not naming any names, one of us copped off with a man called Brad. This morning was hard.

There has been one thing that’s made today bearable though, and that’s been the advent of the new emojis.

As of today, you can now pepper your (no doubt already sparkling) text conversations with images of burritos, middle fingers, chocolate, champagne and erm, an urn and a coffin. Which will really come in handy for when you need to streamline the conversation you’re having with your mum about your Great Uncle Joe’s funeral. Thanks, Apple!

To get the new emojis, just go to Settings<General<Software Update and instal iOS 9.1. The emojis should be there when your phone restarts.

Anyways, the most important emoji to appear in our phones today is obviously the cheese one. Over the past few years the world has expressed its disappointment in the exclusion of such a fine food from our preferred method of communication and now, finally we’ve been heard.

But how to debut your cheese? Here’s a few ideas.

In distaste

As an exclamatory point

As a self-aggrandising affirmation

As a break up

As inspiring song lyrics

To show what you want for dinner

To denote which musical you’d like to go to

For an obscure ’90s TV reference

As helpful advice for a heartbroken friend

Aaand... I’m out.


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