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7 Actually Fun Hobbies To Take Up In 2016

7 Actually Fun Hobbies To Take Up In 2016

The Debrief: I'm afraid binge drinking doesn't count, guys.

If your ‘hobbies’ include and are limited to nailing a packet of Hobnobs as you rinse a Netflix series, maybe you’re looking for something that’s, uh, a little more fulfilling. Something that will push you out of your sofa-based comfort zone, perhaps.

Turns out there’s a course/class/workshop out there for literally anything you could think of doing in your spare time. You want to be a chess pro? You will be. Reckon trampolining might be your calling in life? Go for it. Think floristry might be your hidden talent? Do it. 

Chances are your local council offers a range of courses of varying lengths – from gardening to sewing to drawing – so check out what it has on offer via its website (it’s usually under ‘Adult Learning’). They’re usually subsidised by the government too, so aren’t as expensive as you’d expect.

Other sites have a search function so you can discover what’s on in your area, like Floodlight – just remember that it was originally focused on London, so if you’re struggling with finding many in your area, check out your local council’s site.

If you’re London-based, you can also check out the Ideas Store or City Lit. Really though, it’s a case of simple having a good Google, you’ll be amazed at what’s going on near you. Before you know it, you’ll be boasting about your ukulele skills or how many Italian phrases you know.

Here’s a few ideas if you’re not sure where to start...

1. Sewing

If you’ve always wanted to be able to whip up a replica of that Zara skirt you spotted in store, now’s the time to start learning how to sew. London-based Sew Over It offer classes covering a range of techniques and levels. Liberty has a sewing school too, where you can enrol for a day-long workshop.

If you’re not in London, check out The Sewing Directory for a list of classes and workshops across the country.

2. Circus

If you don’t like the thought of swinging across a room on a trapeze, it’s probably time to have a strong word with yourself. Circus skills sound like a load of fun, as well as helping you to strengthen a whole host of different muscles.

Looks like it’s big news too, because you can find classes all over the UK. The Circus House in Manchester offers a range of classes, including silks, tumbling and trapeze which are £10 a session (or £7 for members) and at Bristol’s Circomedia you can sign-up to blocks of circus training classes which usually run for five weeks at a time and work out at around £6.50 per hour.

3. Ballet

You might have given it up once you turned eight, but if you’re considering taking it up again, there’s all sorts of courses and classes. City Academy has eight-week ballet courses in London, as well as other types of dance. Northern Ballet hosts adult ballet courses in Leeds.

If you’re not so up for ballet but want to get your groove on (I know, I hate myself too), Seen On Screen Fitness has different dance classes in London and Manchester, which will help you finally learn the Beyonce moves because, let’s face it, whatever shapes you’ve been pulling on a Friday night need some work.

4. Taxidermy 

A little off piste, sure, but apparently this is something people are into. The London Taxidermy Academy has all sorts of options to choose from and have a strict policy when it comes to sourcing the animals.

5. Fencing 

Fancy taking up a sport that’s a little more unusual? Fencing is the one. Apparently, it’s really good for strengthening your thighs, bum and stomach. The London Fencing Club offers a six-week course and most cities seem to have fencing clubs, so have a look at what’s in your local area. Helpfully, the British Fencing webite has a list of beginners courses across the country.

6. Singing

If you’re reading this to take the next step – from the shower to the public – in your singing career, there’s no time like the present. Use Big Big Sing to search for groups in your area and you’ll soon be belting out hits with like-minded people. 

7. Comedy

It’s time the public realise how funny you really are, so put it to good use on a comedy course. The Comedy School offers a range of stand-up and improv courses in London and Bristol as does London’s Hoopla.

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