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5 Ways Make Your Crappy University Halls Bed More Comfortable

5 Ways Make Your Crappy University Halls Bed More Comfortable

The Debrief: We can't work miracles, but we can add extra padding.

Unless you're living in some fancy sort of university halls that we've never heard of then your (single) bed is one of two things. It's either a poorly sprung mattress laid on a wooden slab, or it's a poorly sprung mattress laid on a poorly sprung camp bed. Both suck.

Don't worry though, just because you're a student doesn't mean you have to suffer chronic back pain. Hey, you're already suffering from hangovers, there's no need to chuck a mashed up spine into the mix as well is there?

Here's a few ways to make sure your bed is the dreamland that you and your hard working(ish) self deserve.

1. Get a double duvet

The purpose of the double duvet on a single bed is threefold. Firstly, it stops you from getting those horrid night chills that happen when you turn over and expose a part of your body to the arctic conditions of your poorly-heated room. Secondly, if your mattress is so bad that you suspect you might be part of some MA Psychology student's thesis on what lack of sleep does to freshers then you can wrap yourself up in it, burrito style, for extra padding. Thirdly, if you have any late night lady or gentlemen callers, it makes fitting two people in a single bed much, much more palatable. And, in the morning when you're naked and that boy from your Victorian Literature seminar is lying next to you, you've got more duvet to cover (both) of your modesties.

2. Get a mattress topper

But not a single one. Because chances are, this is the last time in your life you're going to sleep in a single bed and mattress toppers don't come cheap so you're going to want invest in a double you can use folded over so you can recycle it on your next (hopefully double) bed. The standard IKEA one is easily foldable, although at £65, it's not the cheapest. This Argos one is probably the best value for money (and can be folded) although you might be scrimping on quality. Bear in mind that using a mattress topper like this might make fitted sheets come un-fitted easily so perhaps invest in some of these handy clips to keep it in place. For those really on a budget, just buy a piece of foam and cut it to size. You can use the leftovers to make a Halloween costume or something.

3. Get jersey sheets

One of life's great mysteries is why we still use cotton sheets in a day and age when jersey sheets exist, and have existed for most of our lives. Rather than those scratchy new starchy sheets that feel like you're laying your body down to rest on a bed of teeny tiny cacti, jersey sheets are like diving into the sort of lovely washing baskets you only see on laundry detergent adverts. Plus, they're cheap. Get singles here for £4.95.

4. Get a throw

Your halls will either be overheated to the point that it's been mistaken for an old people's home, or drafty, cold and incapable of ever being cosy. If it's the latter then obviously a double-layer duvet would be ideal to ward away the chills but you're not made of money so instead make do with a thermal throw. Heat Holder blankets are specially designed to retain heat. Which is nice.

5. Get a million pillows

The best way to polish a turd? Cover up all the elements that make it a turd. Basically, give yourself the ability to make your bed into a giant pillow fort. IKEA's cheapest plushy offering comes at £1. Buy ten.

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