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5 Things To Buy For Your Bathroom That Are Less Than A Fiver

5 Things To Buy For Your Bathroom That Are Less Than A Fiver

The Debrief: Your bathroom can actually be nice. Honestly!

Because it’s the crappiest (literally) room in the house, your bathroom often gets overlooked. Well, no more. You’re a grown-up now and grown-up ladies deserve grown-up bathrooms that always have loo roll and toothpaste. Anyways, since you’re not going to do a complete remodel (one gets the feeling your landlord wouldn’t like it), here’s a few things to buy to spruce the old place up instead.

This dishy toothbrush holder

Because let’s face it, your sink is far too grubby to warrant being a place of rest for your toothbrush. Especially after your boy housemate shaves. Face fur, EVERYWHERE.


Silicone band mug, £2, Tiger

This bathtime pal

Because ducks are really lame and also because this is a floating pug, you fools. Also, I bet your current plug is well gross. I know that because mine is. So yours is, too. Potentially not the classiest thing you’ll ever buy, but probably the best.


Pug Plug, £4.70, Tesco

This snazzy shower curtain

What does a boring white bathroom need?  A pop of colour that’s what. This IKEA number is just the ticket AND is bright enough that it won’t show up the mould that will inevitably start to grow when you forget to clean.


Shower curtain, £5, IKEA

This iPad holder (that’s definitely not an iPad holder)

Meant to hold soap and the like, these things are absolutely better used to (VERY CAREFULLY) hold your iPad while you watch Don’t Tell The Bride in the bath. Just don’t like, overfill your bath. Or like, flail your arms about wildly. In fact, you’d better invest in one of these too. Just to be on the safe side. This shelf is also excellent for holding wine glasses.


Bath rack, £2.99, The Range

This house party friendly cross stitch pattern 

A friendly reminder to your house party guests that your bathroom is for pooing in only.


Crosstitch, £2.50, Etsy

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