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5 Things To Buy For Under £5 To Stop Your Living Room Looking Like A Squat

5 Things To Buy For Under £5 To Stop Your Living Room Looking Like A Squat

The Debrief: Or *less* like a squat, at least. We're not miracle workers...

Sadly, we can’t help you with the mice, or the damp, or the pizza crusts you keep finding wedged down the back of the sofa, but we can help you when it comes to sprucing up your dingy living room to stop it looking like a complete and utter squat. Here’s five things you can get – for less than a fiver. 

Something that’s pretty AND multi-purpose

This is one of those really versatile pieces that also turns into a singing elephant that... nah, just kidding, it’s just a box. But it will serve three purposes: somewhere to hide your crap, something to put things on and something to lighten up the room. 

bedroom storage

Metal box with a lid, £3.99 

A splash of colour to make it go pop

It’s all about low lighting when it comes to making your living room look less shit (plus low lighting = you can see less of said living room.) This tasty little number from Ikea is cheap as chips (what the hell does that mean, BTW, are chips actually that cheap? Anyway, back to the point…) and comes in THREE different colours.

So no matter how rank the colour of your carpet, you’ll find something that fits. And if you’re feeling flushed, you could buy, like, two matching ones and go really wild. 

bedroom lamp

Table lamp, £2.95, Ikea

A flowery Buddha to make it a little more Zen

If your landlord hasn’t repainted for what, 10 years? Or, at least that’s what it looks like, then you’ll probably have some off-white, mouldy looking peeling walls that could really do with a lick of paint.  To combat that, distract your eyes from the bad, and focus on the good and colourful that is this flowery Buddha. Omm. 

buddha art

Red Sitting Buddha art print, £3.25, Etsy 

Some lovely cactuses to recycle a bit of air

If your living room doesn’t get that much light, then get yourself some of these little green gems. Or ‘succulents’ as they’re apparently called by people in the know. They don’t need much watering, so they’re perfect for if you’re on the forgetful side (who isn’t?). 

mini cacti

Cactaceae Potted plants, £4.50 for a 3 pack, Ikea

Something literary to make it feel a bit more grown up

Rather than just having loads of candles bunged around the place (it might have worked at uni, but now you probably want something a bit more elegant), nab yourself one of these Antique Paper Dutch Lanterns. Or, better still, make one for yourself. (Just don’t burn the house down while you’re at it.) 

paper lanterns

Antique Paper Dutch Lantern, Etsy, £3.27

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