Sophie Wilkinson | Contributing Editor | Tuesday, 17 March 2015

10 Takeaway Hacks For You, Your Night In And Your Tummy

10 Takeaway Hacks For You, Your Night In And Your Tummy

The Debrief: We all spend a load of money on takeaways, don't we? So we might as well spend it right...

The humble takeaway is such a staple of our lives that, around the world in 2013, people spent a whopping £1 billion on takeaways through Just-Eat alone, making the company £157 million. As for us Brits, well, it rains so much more here than it does anywhere else - we're convinced - so obvs, we're bang into the takeaways too. But as the digital world brings us ever closer to so many more takeaway options, how do you choose? How do you sort the rubbish stuff from exactly the food you want?

As well as shopping around - as well as Just-Eat, there's Hungry House, Dine-In, Jinn (who will deliver ANYTHING provided you're within a teeny tiny patch of London), Deliveroo and some other, more local delivery service - and using a student discount wherever possible, here are some hacks to get the best takeaway your lazy self deserves.


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