Chloe Gray | Contributing Writer | Friday, 10 March 2017

You Can Now Eat Dinner With Bey

There's Now A Beyonce And Jay-Z Themed Restaurant Called The Carter

The Debrief: Why don't we live in Australia?

Bey and Jay-Z: hip-hop royalty, couple goals and, now, restaurant muses. Their ‘controversial’ lives are the inspiration behind new restaurant, The Carters, in Sydney, Australia. And you only need to travel as far as the eatery's Instagram to check it out... 



SNEAK PEEK - SOFT OPENING FROM THURSDAY #thecartersyd#sydneybar#cocktails#newbar

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Gold scaffolding poles are dotted around a subway-esque bar, whilst black and white graffiti of the Carters, Kayne and biblical figures line the walls of the basement. But it doesn’t stop there: even the food takes inspiration from the-coolest-people-in-the-world.

Barack Obama Fried Chicken is served with waffles and watermelon, and Sticky Lamb Ribs are named after NAS, with there even being a Kimye cocktail. Colour me intrigued. Especially as Khloe famously spoke out about Kim's abstinance from alcohol. Maybe the pressures of fame have lead to the most famous Kardashian reaching for a mojito? We're also hoping for a Bey burger, perhaps something gold encrusted, although allegedly vegan herself she may be less than impressed (sorry). 


The Carter Basement Soul Food Menu lunch and dinner- Barack Obama Fried Chicken, Waffles, Seedless Watermelon and Mango Chilli Sauce #sydneycbd #thecartersyd #sydneyrestaurants #foodporn #soulfood #friedchicken #waffles #chickenandwaffles #afterworkdrinks #like4like

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In an interview with Music, venue manager, Chady Khouzame said: ‘The Carter was inspired by New York's great architecture, food and controversial entertainment.

‘Jay Z and Beyonce have always been at the centre of controversy which is what inspired our hidden messages in artwork surrounding the bar and the murals on the wall in the basement.’

Whilst we can’t say much else about the restaurant because, a) it only opened two weeks ago, b) we don’t live in Sydney (expenses paid trip to Aus would be accepted… for research purposes obvs) and c) I so don’t think I’m cool enough to dine with Bey’s face staring down at me. I spill, and I wouldn’t want thy Holy One to see me in such a way. 


BASEMENT AT THE CARTER- SOUL FOOD #thecartersyd #cocktails #beyonce #drunkinlove #sydney #art #handpainted #basementbar credit: @kaptured_by_kris

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