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Where To Get The Best Pimped Out Bloody Marys In The Country

The Debrief: Caution: includes chorizo vodka. Yeah, you heard us.

The Bloody Mary has been saving hangovers since, like, forever. Of late though, this 'hair of the dog' champion has been getting a bit of a makeover in the bar world as people are realizing that a fuzzy head caused by one too many vodka shots is perhaps better cured with a dose of smoky mescal, a herbal booze shot or even by getting up and making it yourself - something to distract the brain and all that.

So these bangin' bars have got your back and are bringing you new twists on the classic Bloody Mary. Trust us, you're gonna love them.
Beagle, London
This cool Hoxton joint is home to London's best brunch, so a bangin' Bloody Mary selection kind of had to be part of the package. If you're a gin kinda gal then you'll be happy to hear they're getting ginny with it and serving up a Bloody Snapper with gin, tomato, jalapeno, spice and fish sauce.  It may not sound like a good idea but neither did pink pastel hair bleach and look how that turned out.


The Violet Hour, Manchester
These guys are all about experimenting so needless to say they were bound to have a pretty bad ass Bloody Mary available. Their 'Take Me Back to Mexico' is made with 50 Pounds Gin, mezcal, Tabasco, Worcestershire Sauce, Tajin, lime and tomato. The mezcal and gin combo will really put some hairs on your chest. Hair of the dog just got serious.


The New Club, Brighton
Feeling ropey? Don't worry, The New Club won't leave you hanging in the cold. Their 'Hangover Cures’ and 'Hard Brunch Beverages' menu do exactly what they say on the tin. They're getting meaty in here with their Chorizo Bloody Mary (house infused chorizo vodka, tomato juice, port and steak sauce, cucumber and chilli pickle, and lemon Juice). That's breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted then.


The Victoria, Birmingham
Bloody Mary and pubs go hand in hand, but The Victoria takes it to a new level with six variations of the drink. They switch vodka for gin, tequila and two different types of whisky, or go for the Bloody Hot with a LOT of chilli. If you fancy your hand with a little bartending you can also make your own, all you gotta do is choose your favourite spirit.


House of Tippler, London
Now this is one helluva makeover. New ginseng spirit Kamm & Sons has created a hangover cure that's rumoured to actually be good for you because it’s packed with vitamins, herbs and good stuff.  The Sunshine Mary uses yellow tomato juice to make it sweet. And neighbourhood bar House of Tippler is doing South London proud by serving them up to post Peckham night-outers and those who fancy mixing it up a bit.


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