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A Day In The Life: This Is What Goes On In The Daily Life Of Vicky's Donuts Founder

The Debrief: Expect LOTS of doughnut porn

If you haven’t heard of London based baker, Vicky of Vicky’s Donuts then you need to get her on your radar, pronto. Her freshly made creations are not only oh-my-god delicious, but they look hella cute in an Instagram photo. After numerous trips to Toronto where her love for doughnuts began, she set up her own bakery in 2015 and hasn’t looked back since. This is what an average day looks like for Vicky. Expect LOTS of doughnut porn. 

The first thing I do in the morning is get all my ingredients for the dough measured out properly. I still produce a lot of the doughnuts myself, and it can be difficult to balance the baking and running my business for sure. Mainly because baking takes up the majority of the day, but I set myself time targets to get it all done.  

Once the dough starts mixing, it frees me up to get on with other things. I’m in charge of everything to do with my business, from the baking to the sales, the marketing and social media so it can all get very busy but I love what I do. I like having my fingers in all the pies (or doughnuts) and it’s great being at the centre of everything.  

 Once the dough has risen, we roll it out, cut it and then deep fry them. It feels so amazing to create something from scratch and watching a ring of dough being transformed into a tasty, pretty doughnut is the best. 

 I like to take time to look over my to-do list with a coffee. I have the longest to-do-list and a million emails to reply to most days but the satisfaction of getting it all done is the best. I try to set myself goals for the future that seem impossible and then looking back when i’ve completed them i’m like, ‘wow, I actually did that.’ 

 Next is the decorating, my favourite part! I love doing custom orders for people because I get the chance to come up with new recipes and techniques. It also means I get to taste test lots of the recipes, which is a major perk!

 This is the finished product, it’s so amazing being a part of celebrations and things like birthdays or weddings. It gives me all the feels to be invited in on it all and making someone smile with a box of doughnuts is the best thing ever! 

And then it’s time to box them up and send them out! We make around 300 doughnuts a day so it can be hard and sometimes I don’t get a day off for months. I feel like a terrible friend when I have to cancel plans but it has to be done. When the days are long and you’ve been up since 4am, you need to be passionate about your job to see you through the day, I’m really lucky that my business doesn’t feel like work. 

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