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There\\\\\\\'s A Poo Themed Cafe In South Korea

There's A Poo-Themed Cafe In South Korea

The Debrief: Proof that the poo emoji is the emoji King

You might think that the UK, OK London, loves a themed cafe (I’m talking crisps, porridge and cereal, to name a few) but you’ve never been to South Korea. As it happens, I have. Admittedly, I didn’t actually go into any though; I looked through the window of the Hello Kitty cafe but decided that was probably enough. Other themed cafes include dogs, cats, sheep (seriously), a dress cafe (where you can hire a big princess dress to wear as you drink your coffee) and now, poo-themed which Lexi, owner of the blog Seoul Searching, came across earlier this month.

poo cafe korea

Here, hot drinks are served in teeny tiny toilets complete with poo-shaped latte art (if you’re really lucky). Squatting toilets have been repurposed as plant pots, poop post-its decorate the window and there’s even ‘plush poops’. While you’re there, you can fill up on poop scones and outside a vendor sells poop-shaped pastries with two different fillings.

poo cafe korea

‘But why?’, you ask. I wish I had answers for you but I don’t. I can only assume that the poo emoji has really resonated with someone over there; further proof that it’s the King of emojis, and who can argue with that?

poo cafe korea

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