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7 Of The Best Vegan Recipes From Pinterest To Cook For Your Dinners

7 Of The Best Vegan Recipes From Pinterest To Cook For Your Dinners

The Debrief: Monday, check. Tuesday, check. Wednesday, check check check

Even if you’re not vegan, chances are you want to give vegan cooking a try. With a whole host of recipes available online it’s literally impossible to not want to test some out yourself. Dairy cheese, be gone. Meat, get in the sea. Eggs – we’re on a break. Here’s 7 of the best vegan recipes available on Pinterest right now to cook for your dinners each night this week.

1. Monday: roasted sweet potato and bean quesadillas 

I mean, can we just? They use Daiya jalapeño habarti cheese, which we just found out is vegan, so you can still go to town on these Mexican treats. 

2. Tuesday: vegan roasted red pepper pasta

Using vegan parmesan cheese and linguini we suggest you team this up with some bread and tomatoes ala bruschetta and have a carb overload. 

3. Wednesday: vegan chocolate and salted caramel tarts 

OK so this isn't specifically 'dinner', but we suggest you make extra pasta so you can have leftovers on Wednesday. These take 20 minutes to cook, which means you can easily give it a go while your pasta is heating up and voila you’ve got a two course slap up dinner. Pass us all the tarts. 

4. Thursday: super easy coconut curry soup 

This coconut soup has got us drooling, seriously. Packed full of flavours (hiya, ginger and garlic, we love you) this is suuuuper easy to make after a tough Thursday when all you want to do is watch The Good Wife and eat. 

5. Friday: black bean sweet potato burgers 

Get on that burger hype (who doesn’t love a burger?) and knock up some black bean sweet potato melt in the mouth ones for your Friday meal. Add vegan cheese and some homemade fries and it’s almost like you’re at Five Guys but better cause it’s healthy (and vegan). 

6. Saturday: teriyaki cauliflower rice bowls 

Replace ‘teriyaki chicken’ with ‘teriyaki cauliflower’ and you’ve got yourself a vegan buddha bowl. If you’ve never made cauliflower rice, it’s about time you did. 

7. Sunday: vegan and gluten free pepperoni pizza 

Don’t be fooled by the mention of pepperoni, there isn’t any meat on this beast of a pizza. It’s literally just courgette with hot sauce to disguise this plant based pizza as a meaty one. Genius. The courgettes need marinading over night, so prep this on a Saturday ready for a film and food night before work on Monday. 

 There you go, your week in vegan dinners made easy! Enjoy all the vegan goodness for the rest of the week people. 

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