Jess Commons | Deputy Editor | Thursday, 21 April 2016

\'Skinny\' Prosecco Is Here For The Drinker On A Diet

'Skinny' Prosecco Is Here For The Drinker On A Diet

The Debrief: Isn't it like, so annoying when you want to drink more prosecco but you're watching your sugar intake? What's a girl to do? Sigh.

You know when you want to get like really, really drunk on fizzy wine but omg you heard the sugar content for a glass of proseccs is like, off the chart?

Yeah, that. Health conscious drinking is super hard. It's like, how are you meant to watch your waistline and drink enough to make it seem like flashing your knickers to the DJ at your friends wedding during the Grease Megamix is a good idea?

Obviously health conscious drinking is hard anyways because of all those people that say it's bad for your liver. But what those people ('scientists' and 'doctors' we think they call themselves?) don't realise is that effects on the liver don't show on the outside like weight gain so it doesn't really matter. That is until you turn yellow and they adopt you into the Oompa-Loompa In Training Programme for Alcoholic Ladies (full orange colour to be reached on graduation).

Now though, there's a solution to all your troubles. Thomson & Scott, a 'low calorie and no sugar luxury drink specialist' are exclusively launching Skinny Prosecco at Selfridges.

Skinny Prosecco has just 67 calories a glass and 7 grams of sugar a litre. According to Prosecco Club (a site for prosecco lovers!), most glasses of the normal stuff contain about 80 calories whilst according us, a glass (100-ish ml) has about a gram of sugar - so ten grams a litre.

TBF, this lower sugar prosecco isn't actually too expensive; it comes in at £17.99 a bottle. So perhaps when your next 'girls night' is looming and you're worrying about whether to splurge on cupcakes or prosecco, maybe invest in a bottle of Thomson & Scott and you can like, totally go hog wild on both! Girls just wanna have fun after all.

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