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Science Says Drinking More Coffee Helps Us Lose Weight. Kinda

Science Says Drinking More Coffee Helps Us Lose Weight. Kinda

The Debrief: Well it works on mice, so it must be true, right?

When we drink coffee, we don’t automatically assume it’s going to help us lose weight, do we? Normally it’s just a well-deserved pick me up we need half way through the day to stop us falling asleep at our desks The two just don’t generally go hand in hand, or so we thought. A new study conducted on mice from the International Liver CongressTM in Barcelona, Spain has proven that adding coffee to the diets of people with non-alchohlic fatty liver disease could help reserve the condition. 

So, how does it work? Well, we’re not scientists but it looks like having a daily dose of coffee (apparently that’s the equivalent to six cups of espresso per person….that seems like a LOT but OK) improves non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in those with a high fat diet.

The researchers studied three different groups of mice during a 12 week period to test this theory. One group ate a standard diet, group two had a high fat diet and group three had a high fat diet and drank a lot of caffeinated coffee solution. Those mice in group three were shown to have significantly reversed levels of cholesterol, alanine aminotransferase and a smaller amount of fat in the liver cells.

The study also showed that coffee can product against the disease by raising protein called Zonulin, which can lessen the permeability of the gut. All this science is confusing us, big time but it seems legit. We not suggesting you go out and drink ten gallons of coffee a day, but *apparently* drinking more could help you lose weight. Science says so, so it must be true…

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