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Salad Cakes: The Weird Food Trend From Japan Here To Help You Get Your 5-A-Day

Salad Cakes: The Weird Food Trend From Japan Here To Help You Get Your 5-A-Day

The Debrief: Have your cake and eat it, too.

Imagine if we told you that you could get your 5-a-day by simply eating a cake. Well, thanks to the crafty work of Japanese chef Mitsuki Moriyasu, you now can. She's invented the 'Vegedeco Salad' (AKA decorated vegetables), which is essentially a salad disguised as a cake. Once we got over the deceit of a cake not being an actual cake, we must admit, we became open to the idea of ditching our traditional, boring salads in favour of something a little more fun.

The healthy cakes, which you can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, are made from vegetables that have been blended together with soybean flour to create a sponge effect. For the decorative icing, even more vegetables are blended with cream cheese or tofu. To get her signature rainbow hues, she experiments with different natural vegetable colourings, like beetroot juice. Pure genuis, if you ask us.

Credit: Vegedeco Salad

Speaking about her inspiration behind the cakes, Mitsuki stated: 'I look at the different vegtables and try to pull out their best characteristic. My inspiration comes from when I think about the shapes and combination of colours and different vegetables.' Move over, Mary Berry.

We're sure that you'll agree that salads have never looked so good. But what about the taste? Well, if you're expecting a sugar-rush, then you'll be left disappointed, as these healthy alternatives haven't been made to satisfy your sweet tooth.

But it's not all bad news, as the benefits of these salad cakes speak for themselves: not only are they gluten-free, but a slice of the cake would count as one of your 5-a-day. And the real icing on the cake is the fact that one slice has approximately 193 calories, while the average slice of a chocolate dessert cake has around 400. Winning.

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