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Sainsburys Go Rogue And Mess With Their Meal Deal. People Are Livid.

Sainsburys Go Rogue And Mess With Their Meal Deal. People Are Livid.

The Debrief: Sainsburys have cut down on the things you can include in it's £3 meal deal. It's a disaster of notable proportions.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

This now includes the person in charge of Sainsburys' lunch foods. They've ruined everything.

See, since the weekend, things in the Sainsburys' sandwich section have taken a turn for the worse. Previously, Sainsburys' Taste The Difference sandwiches were included in the Meal Deal (which only cost an impressive £3), as were triple sandwiches and any products containing foods that could possibly be classed as 'fun', like sushi, wraps and cake bars.

Now, though Sainsburys' have adjusted what products are allowed in the £3 meal deal. And the sandwiches which are left don't even bear talking about. They're the ones that you find when you roll into your local 24 hour superstore, drunk as a skunk at 3AM, looking for any form of sustinence even if it comes in the shape of a sad looking tuna-mayo-between-two-slices-of-white-bread.

Two courageous guys at Student Money Saver braved the crowds baying for blood and headed down to their local Sainsburys to find out what they could get their hands on. Here's what sandwiches were left on offer; chicken, egg mayo, ham, cheese & ham, tuna mayo, tuna sweetcorn, cheese and tomato, cheddar and Red Leicester with red onion.

Shocking scenes.

Sainsburys for their part are desparately explaining to disgruntled customers on their Twitter that this change to the meal deal comes with an improved quality of food. Not that people are listening.

sainsburys meal deal
sainsburys meal deal 2
sainsburys meal deal 3

Over at the internet's meal deal headquarters, on Meal Deal Talk, Facebook's VERY SERIOUS meal deal rating group, there's uproar. 'Sainos you done fucked up' said one Jack Dawson (no word if it's the Jack Dawson of Titanic fame). And 'Sainsburys, fuck you. Sincerely, Meal Deal Talk.' Added a George Wright.

I too was a victim of Sainsburys new meal deal plan. Although I didn't realise it. On Sunday I got a BLT, a bottle of Diet Coke and a packet of Walkers Max Salt n' Vinegar crisps (sue me, I was hungover and Sunday is my day for me to do me) and later on, I realised that, despite purchasing other things, my meal deal total must have come to well over £3. I've lived to tell the tale, but only barely.

Someone tried to enlist the help of the government but sadly, their petition was harshly rejected. What is even the point of democracy if it can't help us here?

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