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Progrigio Might Be The Cheap Prosecco Alternative You’re Looking For

Progrigio Might Be The Cheap Prosecco Alternative You’re Looking For

The Debrief: Where prosecco meets pinot grigio for a fiver

It feels like we all suddenly woke up to the legitimacy of prosecco on one fateful day back in 2012. Since then the easy to drink fizz fast became the British bevvy of choice and people clearly have no idea what they'd do without it. The prosecco love is real. And to be fair, who can afford champagne these days? 

That said, there are times when even our beloved prosec can feel just a bit too spenny when your mate’s birthday falls on the wrong side of pay day. But fear not, Asda apparently has the solution. And it’s called Progrigio. 

We’ve made an educated guess and deduced that the ‘pro’ bit comes from the word ‘prosecco’, while the ‘grigio’ comes from – you guessed it – pinot grigio. Yes, it is a bit of a wanky name. But at the very least the concept might take you back to those formative university days where any drink was fair game at pres and you got too excited about the prospect of mixing two very similar drinks together to create a whole new 'better' one. 

Progrigio is branded ‘Italy’s new sparkling wine’ and is exclusively available to buy from Asda. According to Asda Good Living, it is legitimately made over on the Italian Mediterranean and uses the same grapes (Glera, if you were wondering) that are used to make prosecco. So, it’s not just a random new Brit drink that was knocked up at the end of a shift on Asda’s supermarket floor. It actually hails from the Italian shores. 

Asda’s wine buyer Jack Clayton described the new drink as ‘a fresh, floral and aromatic wine balanced by citrus fruits, white peaches and minerality’, which admittedly sounds delightful. The cherry on the cake? It’s just £5 a bottle. Which is fantastic considering the great prosecco shortage of 2015/16 and the fact that earlier this week are fears were confirmed by the UK Wine And Spirit Trade Association who announced that prosecco prices might have to rise by nine percent if the value of the pound continues to fall. #ForFucksSakeBrexit, amirite? 

Okay, inflation and a possible increase in the amount of tax we pay on alcohol also plays a role (which surely would eventually up the price of Asda’s new pretend prosecco eventually, would it not?) but all in all, we needed to see a cheaper version of prosecco on the horizon and it looks like prayer have been answered, for now. Progrigio for everyone! 

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