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Pizza Express Now Has A 3 Course Vegan Menu

Happy Hump Day: Pizza Express Now Has A 3 Course Vegan Menu

The Debrief: Sticking to a vegan diet suddenly just got so much easier

Nothing gets us over Hump day quite like the thought of pizza. It’s a fair deal, we think: we’ve made it this far through the week, so a pick me up in the form of carbs is well deserved.

So make it through this week and we promise it’ll be worth the wait until next week: As of March 28, Pizza Express has just announced a new vegan three course meal, so if you’re someone (like me) who’s never satisfied with just one course, today is the day to rejoice.

Pizza Express already have a vegan option in the form of the Pianta pizza, but as of next week, you can join it with a starter and a brand new dessert, too.

It’s called Coconut Delight, and is pretty much a mixture of coconut milk and shavings. The company promise it’s ‘creamy’ and ‘delicious’ and it might just be the perfect finishing option after a pizza.

Pizza Express announced that they’ve released the new recipe in response to Veganuary (we know it’s March now, but it’ll be perfect for next year..) and because they’re getting more requests on social media for vegan options.

Holly Davies, Head of Food and Drink, said: 'Just last week I tasted a vegan cheese from Italy and took it straight to our development kitchen to taste on our pizza, made using our dough which is completely free of animal and dairy products and our passata sauce is made from only crushed tomatoes, salt, pepper, fresh basil and oregano. This means we can have lots of fun trying out new recipe combinations as and when we find great tasting vegan ingredients!'

They’re also introducing a gluten-free Seafood Rigatoni with king prawn, and some new alcoholic options too, so if it’s been a particularly tough week you can drown your sorrows at the same time.

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