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New York\\\\\\\'s Just Opened The Worst Kind Of Coffee Shop Ever

New York's Just Opened The Worst Kind Of Coffee Shop Ever

The Debrief: What gives New York?

New York needs to get it's shit together. Long the trend setter for the rest of the world, it's the city that's responsible for every wanky culture thing we do over here; from small plates to queueing to get into hip hop happening restaurants.

Now, though, they've got a new thing that we really, really aren't up for becoming a new thing over here; caffieneless coffee shops. Because WTF.

The Swiss Water® Coffee Studio is a pop-up shop running over the next week and bills itself as a 'one-of-a-kind experience to try coffee like you've never had it before'. The whole thing's run by Swiss Water, a brand of decaffienated coffee that claim to 'remove caffeine in a gentle, 100% chemical free process.' Visit their pop-up and you'll be 'guided through a sensory experience that includes espresso, manually brewed coffee and cold brew options.'

While it makes sense in a health sense; caffeine after all, is bad for you, there's no arguing otherwise, what I find terribly confusing is why you'd still drink coffee if it wasn't for the caffiene. It took me years and years of holding my nose and gulping down coffee in stronger and stronger entities until I got to the place where I could say 'Yeah, I like this'.

If injecting yourself with a hit of caffiene as soon after you've woken up as is humanly possible isn't your main objective in drinking coffee then erm, drink fruit tea instead. Or hot chocolate. Or Bovril. Mmm Bovril. How much of a better place would the world be if everyone was carrying around flasks of hot meaty gravy in the mornings instead of coffee? The Tube would smell delightful. That's for sure.

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