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Nandos Is Expanding Its Vegetarian Menu

Nandos Is Expanding Its Vegetarian Menu And It Looks Delish

The Debrief: But is the veggie pitta being phased out?!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Nando’s vegetarian options are actually surprisingly nice, even for meat eaters. 

The veggie pitta is a great change of pace, especially as it comes doused with chilli jam and yoghurt mayo, and the Portobello mushroom and halloumi burger is a filling alternative too. 

Now Nandos is taking its veggie endeavours even further by introducing two new vegetarian menu items: the Supergreen Burger - broccoli, kale, edamame beans in a burger similar to the Nando’s beanie, and the Sweet Potato & Butternut Burger - a mix of sweet potato and butternut (obvs), mixed with red pepper, onion and edamame beans.


And good news for vegans too! Just ask for no mayo and these new options become vegan friendly. 

These new options can, as always, be ordered as a pitta, burger or wrap, and at the usual spice levels; Plain(ish), Mango and Lime, Lemon and Herb, Medium, Hot and Extra Hot.  

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While distracting us with shiny new things, Nandos has removed the veggie burger, pitta and wrap from its menu, and we’re not the only ones to notice. 

When asked by Twitter user @izzymks whether the beanie and veggie burgers would no longer be available now that these new vegetarian options are on the menu, @NandosUK crypticaly answered: ‘Hey Isabella, the Beanie is not going anywhere.’


Nandos giveth, and Nandos taketh away. 

In case there wasn’t enough chicken to go around, and lest it neglect its carnivorous customers, Nandos has also added a Fino Pitta to it’s menu. 

Regular Nandoers will be familiar with the Fino range - sides that are just a little bigger, fancier, and more adventurous than the regular sides (Fino means posh in Portuguese). 

The new Fino Pitta is the usual toasted pitta, of grilled chicken pitta fame, with two flame-grilled chicken thighs, halloumi cheese, caramelised red onion relish and wild garlic aioli mayonnaise, topped with lettuce. 



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