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 Living\\\\\\\' On The Veg Vegan Festival Is Coming To London And It Looks DELICIOUS

'Living On The Veg' Vegan Festival Is Coming To London And It Looks DELICIOUS

The Debrief: Get tickets while you can

An advantage of living in London (other than spending three quarters of your wages on rent) is that you often get to sample new food ideas, festivals and trends. And this year, we’ll be trotting along to the new Vegan festival coming to the big smoke.  

London’s Livin’ on the Veg (lol) festival will take place on Friday 18th of August, till the 19th at Kings Cross - and we’re already eyeing up all the food on offer. From Korean, to burgers, to your favourite curries, this festival is taking vegan food to a whole new level and proving yet again that vegan doesn't have to be basic salads and rice. Tickets cost £30 – but that’ll get you eight FULL meals, and a cocktail – so you know you’ll leave feeling fuller than you do on Christmas day after devouring food for ten hours straight. It might be worth heading home for a nap after, so maye don't go on your lunch break. 

While you wait for the festival, let’s take a look at the stalls Instagram accounts now shall we. It’s almost lunch time so a little food porn never hurt anyone. 

Biff’s Jack Shack 

Fried jackfruit buffalo wings? Sure why the hell not. 



Have you tried our Fried Chicken Arepa? Get it at @streetfeastldn - #HawkerHouse this Friday and Saturday

A post shared by PETARE-Venezuelan Street Food (@petareuk) on Jun 13, 2017 at 7:14am PDT

Look.At.This.Place. Venezuelan street food never looked better 

Spice Box 

We’ll take 7 

Young Vegans 

Vegan brownies? GIMMIE. 


Main feature image courtesy of  Biff’s Jack Shack 

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