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Vegan Breakfasts Office Kitchen

Killer Vegan Breakfasts You Can Make In The Crappy Office Kitchen

The Debrief: These work-friendly vegan breakfast recipes won't take up your whole entire morning. We promise. And they taste pretty damn good too.

What better way to say ‘you’re the best colleague ever’, ‘happy damn birthday’ or simply ‘thanks for having my back’ than with a suitably OTT breakfast from the office kitchen? With a little nous, the communal microwave, kettle and, well, not much else, you can turn run of the mill cereal, scrambled eggs or toast into total day-makers that you’ll definitely be photographing on the fire escape to put up on Instagram (we’ve all been there).

These three breakfasts may look tricky to whip up from the refines of your workspace’s kitchen, but with a little preparation, you’ll have these recipes down in no-time. Just make sure you get in an extra 10 or 15 minutes early if you’re making these (or on a day when your boss isn’t around) as it may raise a few eyebrows if you’re still arranging breakfast tacos gone 11am. I’m speaking from experience here, people.

1. Scrambled tofu breakfast tacos

Upgrade your scrammy eggs with breakfast tacos and tofu. The spice mix for the tofu is key, but don’t worry about picking up all the ingredients on the way to work. The night before, decant the spices you need into a secure sandwich bag and simply travel in with it and any extra accoutrements. Everyone in the office loves a new addition to the hot sauce collection and you can re-use any extra limes, spring onions or pomegranate seeds in a salad later on in the week.

Serves 2

Preparation time: 5 minutes


250g firm tofu

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp red pepper flakes or chilli flakes

Juice 1 lime

1 tsp hot chilli sauce

Salt and pepper

Small handful coriander or parsley

Olive oil

4 tacos

To serve:

Pomegranate seeds, limes, chopped spring onion, shredded coleslaw, cherry tomatoes, edible flowers and hot sauce


1.Break up the tofu into small pieces in a microwave bowl, and sprinkle over the turmeric, red pepper flakes, lime juice, hot chilli sauce, salt and pepper, and microwave for 2 minutes. 

2.Stir the spices into the tofu, then microwave for a further 2 to 3 minutes, until you can hear it cooking in the bowl. Add the coriander or parsley and a drizzle of olive oil.

3.Heat the tacos in the microwave for around 40 seconds.

4.Remove the tacos and start to pile up with your chosen taco fillings like pomegranate seeds, spring onion, coleslaw, tomatoes or edible flowers, and serve straight away.

2. Microwaved granola with cranberries, coconut and sunflower seeds

Thankfully we’re way past the dark winter times of vying for access to the microwave to heat your morning porridge. But homemade granola is actually a great way to go if you’re in the mood for something fancy. It’ll fill the office with a gorgeous toasted coconut aroma and I reckon you could even sell bowls of this stuff, it’s so moreish. Or at least trade for some pricier flat whites from the local roastery. Double up on this recipe so you can have granola one day and a simple layered yoghurt and granola cup (aka parfait) the next day.

Serves 2

Preparation time: 5 minutes


2 tsp coconut oil

2 tsp water

¼ tsp vanilla extract

2 tsp maple syrup

5 tbsp rolled oats

2 tbsp dessicated coconut

2 tbsp sunflower seeds

1 tbsp cranberries

Plus: Soy or coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit or berries to serve


1.Add the coconut oil, water, vanilla extract and maple syrup to a mug and microwave for 20 seconds until the oil has melted.

2.Add the oats, coconut and sunflower seeds to the mug and stir well.

3.Microwave for between 1.5 and 2 minutes in 30 second intervals, stirring well each time, until the oats start to brown.

4.Transfer the granola onto a plate and use a spoon to spread out. This helps it to crisp up. Sprinkle over the cranberries.

5.Spoon into bowls straight away, and add any leftovers to a jar or tupperware and it will keep for up to 5 days.

3. Cinnamon French toast with fresh berries and maple syrup

Do we even need to discuss the appeal of French toast? Using the microwave to heat slabs of proper thick white bread won’t give you the extra crispy crusts you get from using a frying pan. But unless you’re planning on bringing an induction hob and your own cast iron skillet on the tube, this is the best way to get almost-as-good-French toast. It still has that super-comforting wegde-of-carbs vibe, and it is still great for mopping up hungover woes, as well as being very easy to make. Next time you’re out midweek, get your work bae to make you this the next day, and arrive with their favourite coffee in hand. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Serves 2

Preparation time: 5 minutes


1 tbsp of egg replacer such as Orgran

3 tbsp soy milk

1 tsp vanilla

½ tsp cinnamon

4 thick slices of white bread

To serve:

Maple syrup, icing sugar, fresh berries

N.b. As with the spice mix for the tofu scramble, you can bring in the dry components (egg replacer and cinnamon) for the French toast mixture in a little container and add to the milk and vanilla when you get to work. 



  1. In a microwave bowl, add in the egg replacer, soy milk, vanilla and cinnamon, and stir.
  2. 2. Pour onto a plate or wider dish, and dunk in the slices of bread and coat well on both sides.
  3. 3. Microwave each slice at a time for a minute.
  4. 4. Pile up with fresh berries, maple syrup and sprinkle over icing sugar before eating way too quickly and experiencing a sugar high during the Monday morning catch-up.


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