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Introducing Your New Hangover Cure: Asian Pears

Introducing Your New Hangover Cure: Asian Pears

The Debrief: The answer to all your pears. (Sorry).

Lucozade and crisps, McDonald's Happy Meal, two aspirin and a cold press... Whatever your go-to hangover cure is, forget it, because there's a new one in town and, tragically, it's not carb-based. According to Australian government scientists, Asian pears are your new hangover BFF. 

They found that drinking 220ml of pear juice before consuming alchol reduced a hangover by between 16-21%. On top of that, they found that it significantly increased concentration, helped reduce memory loss and sensitivity to light and even helped reduce alcohol levels in the blood. Professor Manny Noakes, who lead the study, explained that this is down to the pears interacting with the key enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism, which helps to eliminate or inhibit alcohol absorption. They're not totally sure whether eating the pears would have the same effect, but said they 'might' work equally well.

I, for one, am willing to take the risk so I'm off to bulk-buy Asian pears. FYI, you can get them in Tesco, Sainsbury's and most supermarkets.

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