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\\\'Instant Tea\\\' Is A Thing And We Don\\\'t Trust It

'Instant Tea' Is A Thing And We Don't Trust It

The Debrief: Is this the end of the humble teabag?

The healing powers of a ‘nice cup of tea’ have long been a widely acknowledged truth. Despite us not actually being top of the tea-drinking league, the itch to ‘put the kettle on’ in almost any situation is a quintessential part of British culture, like tutting to show your annoyance or getting embarrassingly wasted at the office Christmas party. And in these turbulent times, what we really really don’t need is somebody messing with the formula. 

Unfortunately, YumChaDrinks didn’t get the memo. Their ingenious new idea is ‘instant tea’ - that’s tea in an aerosol that you pump directly into the cup and add water to. Not a bag in sight. 

Speaking to Metro, the inventor of ‘No More Tea Bags’ Guy Woodall claims that not only does the aerosol make things mess free, ‘“the technology we’ve used enables us to produce a tea that we believe is a far superior taste to an ordinary tea bag.”’ 

Apparently the average person only leaves their tea to brew for 17 seconds, whereas ‘No More Tea Bags’ have been ‘brewed’ for five minutes, and you can add more or less of the mixture depending on your tea preference. 

’No More Tea Bags’ currently come in three varieties - black tea, Early Grey and Jasmine green. 

Naturally, people are freaking out.

Cellars are under construction to protect our precious teabags as we speak. Probably. 


Is this a good idea? Who knows. Who cares. The ‘when to add the milk’ debate has already divided a nation. If there’s one thing in Britain that doesn’t need tampering with it’s the tea-making process. 


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