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How To Turn A Bottle Of Martini Prosecco Into Five Separate Drinks

The Debrief: We're back, telling you how best to drink your bottle of booze, in five very different ways.

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Hello and welcome back to One Drink Five Ways; your foolproof guide to keeping all your picky friends happy with one bottle of alcohol that you can turn into five different drinks.

So far we've taught you how to make the most out of a bottle of Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire and Bacardi Rum. Now, we're here to help you figure out how best to consume that snazzy bottle of MARTINI Prosecco.


Read on for five very different (but five very delicious) cocktail recipes to make.

The Sweet One: The Bellini

Trust us on this; you can absolutely make a better bellini at home than you can get in a bar. How come? Because in bars they mainly used pre-mixed peach puree. At home, you can totally use real peaches, giving the whole thing a fresher taste. In your face bartenders! Garnish with lemon thyme if you're feeling really fancy.

The Bitter One: Negroni Sbagliato

This guy's very similar to the normal negroni expect it uses MARTINI Prosecco instead of gin. Perfect for people who want a softer version of the negroni. Make sure you use LOTS of ice and garnish it with an orange wedge. Top tip: add the bubbles last for the best effect.

The Delicate One: St. Germain

Excellent in the winter to remind you that summer is actually a thing, this seriously refreshing drink packs an elderflower punch and is super easy to make too. In fact, make a pitcher of it to share out.

The Fruity One: Kir Royal

Another really easy one! Don't say we don't spoil you. This drink's got just two ingredients. Pop the cassis in first and simply top up with fizz. If you haven't got cassis any berry liqueur will do. Pop a real blackberry in if you want to be fancy.

The Long One:Autumn Crumble

If you can afford it it's well worth splashing out on a good quality ginger ale for this drink. Don't worry about the apple juice though, any basic supermarket juice will do. The end result is winter spice.

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