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Turbo Gin And Tonic

Errm, What Is A Turbo Gin And Tonic? And How Do I Make One?

The Debrief: The lazy girl guide to the cocktail your mates have been going on about

Once upon a time, there was Gin and there was Coffee. Both were loved and respected in their own right yet, despite their popularity, they had never actually met. Not properly.

For years they went about their lives quite happily, doing their own thing and never quite crossing paths. Coffee was a real early bird. You wouldn't catch Coffee doing much in the evenings. Evenings aren't really Coffee's scene, you see. But that Gin though, Gin lived for the evenings. 

But then some clever person decided that it was about time that the two of them met. They were doing so well on their own, wouldn't they do even better together? Throw Tonic in there, they thought (because Gin never goes anywhere without Tonic, the go way back) and you've got yourself a party.

And so the Turbo G&T was born. Or something like that...

The moral of the story is Turbo G&T's are very much having a moment, and we're on board with it. The recipe by the geniuses over at The Gin Foundry was inspired by the tailored cocktails served at the London Coffee Festival last year, and it's safe to variations of the cocktail have become increasingly popular ever since. The proof's all over Instagram. 

Most recipes call for Cold Brew Coffee, for which we have a handy guide on site right here. It's not particularly complicated, you just need to think ahead because the brewing can take 12-24 hours. But once you've got that sorted (or you can totally just buy some ready made because, time) give the Turbo G&T a whirl.

You will need: 


Some gin (we went for a 50ml double shot. It’s been a long week)

Some tonic (enough to fill about two-thirds of your glass will do) 

Some ice (if you remembered to refill the ice tray. But you probably didn’t so it’s cool)

Some cold brew coffee (About a shot will do it. Note: instant coffee will not taste the same)

Some sort of citrus peel (because we’re about that garnish life)

The method: 

1. Pour your gin into a fancy-pants glass. Ice preferable but optional. 


2. Pop your tonic in too


3. Then, if you’ve got steady hands, you can have a go at layering the coffee on top of the tonic. Or go ahead and pour it straight in.


4. Garnish with a pretty twirl of either lemon peel. Or you can go rogue and throw an orange one around the rim. 


5. Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy.

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