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How To Make Alcoholic Gummy Bear Lollipops

How To Make Alcoholic Gummy Bear Lollipops

The Debrief: Forget about your store-bought lollies, these ones have booze in them

Soleros and Calippos were great until we discovered these: vodka and gummy bear ice lollies! Easy to make, refreshing and boozy; read on.

Vodka & Gummy Bear Ice Lollies

How To Make Alcoholic Gummy Bear Lollipops

You’ll need:
A 500ml bottle of Sprite (or two if you wanna make a party batch)
Haribo Starmix

And your tools:
Ice Lolly Moulds
Lolly Sticks (optional)

Here’s how:

1.    Separate translucent Haribo from milky Haribo. Proceed to eat the milky Haribo (you don’t need those ones) and put gummy bears, cola bottles and rings in a bowl.

2.    Douse the Haribo in vodka, enough so they’re all covered. These need to be left for few hours so the vodka can be absorbed into the sweets. Cover the bowl and leave. Might as well pour your yourself a sneaky drink at this point seeing as the vodka’s out, and get on with something else.

How To Make Alcoholic Gummy Bear Lollipops

3.    A few hours later and the Haribo should be looking a little more plump. Drain off the remaining vodka using a sieve (failing that, your hand).

4.    Fill up each mould with Sprite, leaving a little space to accommodate the Haribo.

How To Make Alcoholic Gummy Bear Lollipops

5.    Drop a few of the spiked Haribo into each lolly mould. Though it’s tempting to make each lolly full of Haribo, try and restrain because the vodka jellies don’t freeze completely so your lolly will be mushy and will never make it out of the mould.

How To Make Alcoholic Gummy Bear Lollipops

6.    Put the base on each lolly and put them in the freezer. Lolly moulds always come with their own base but for more aesthetically pleasing results, use wooden lolly sticks, poking them firmly in place and then in the freezer.

7.    Leave lollies in the freezer overnight. Don’t try pulling them out before then, they won’t be frozen and the lolly stick will come out without the lolly. Trust us… Once completely frozen, run the moulds under warm water briefly and the lollies will glide straight out. Time to enjoy!

How To Make Alcoholic Gummy Bear Lollipops

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