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How To Make A Healthy Spanish Omelette For Dinner In Four Minutes Flat

How To Make A Healthy Spanish Omelette For Dinner In Four Minutes Flat

The Debrief: Microwave meals don't have to be unhealthy, unsatisfying trays of doom.

Spanish Omelette, or Tortilla Espanola, is an incredible dish. Who knew that some slices of potato and egg could taste so darn good? And when you add some jamon and charred peppers into the mix… WOAH. If you’re feeling authentic and Catalonian then you need to be nursing this slowly in a heavy bottomed griddle pan for an hour. Yes, you heard right: an hour. For what is ostensibly a very nice omelette – no thanks. Instead, we’ve figured out a way to make it in a microwave and it tastes almost as good as the proper one we had at Iberica the other day (almost)…

spanish omelette  microwave meal

Spanish Omelette


1 large waxy potato
Few slices Serrano ham or similar (don’t get anything too fancy as it will be lost in this recipe. I’m a fan of this Lidl pack of Serrano)
4 eggs
Olive oil
Few pieces roasted pepper – I LOVE these Odysea ones from Waitrose as they taste suitably holiday-like

What to do

spanish omelette  microwave meal
spanish omelette  microwave meal
spanish omelette  microwave meal

1.    Thinly slice the potato and put it in a big microwaveable dish. Cover and heat on full power for about 4 minutes depending on the size of your potato. Better over than under though.
2.    Whilst that’s cooking, crack four eggs into a jug, whisk and leave to stand. Roughly tear around three slices of ham and a few peppers.
3.    When the potato is done, scatter the ham and peppers over the top and then pour the egg mixture over it all. Re-cover and microwave for a further three minutes.
4.    A tortilla should not be 100% set and the absolute worst thing you can do to this is overcook the eggs, but if after three minutes there is quite a lot of surface liquid then give it a little jiggle around, drizzle some olive oil over and pop it back in the microwave for another 30 seconds or so. Eggs continue cooking from residual heat, so you’re looking for it to be a bit under anyway. Season it with plenty of sea salt.
5.    Slice it up and enjoy. Or hey, just eat the whole thing straight out the dish, whatever. PS. this one is also AMAZING cold as a snack, or you can take a slice to work for breakfast or lunch – it’s that versatile.


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