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How To Eat Organic

How To Eat Organic Without Breaking The Bank

The Debrief: Got the Deliciously Ella fever, but can’t justify the cost? Here's how to make eating organically A Thing.


Get It Delivered

Riverford small veg box on the doorstep

Instead of slogging around the supermarket buying loads of crap you don’t need, get your core veg delivered. Riverford deliver reasonably priced 100% organic veg boxes for free anywhere in the UK. There’s loads of options, and getting different veg every week means you become more creative with your cooking and have more understanding of seasonal produce. The best bit - it turns up on your doorstep once a week, fortnight or even month, so no sore arms from shlepping back from the supermarket. 

Be Smart With What You Buy

There are some things that are important to buy organic, and some things that don’t justify. Here’s your NTK: 

What produce to buy organic

Get Your Core Products Right

Things like milk, yoghurt & butter cost hardly any more when organic, and they can ACTUALLY be cheaper:

How buying organic can actually be cheaper

*based on a Sainsbury's shop without offers

Look For Smaller Suppliers

I buy my eggs from a small deli where they some straight from the farm, they are organic and by cutting out all the chains of suppliers you get a much cheaper price. You can even get eggs and other essentials added onto your Riverford order. Win win. 


With non-organic farmers being the biggest users of antibiotics in the UK (more than the NHS), this means one thing - the meat we eat is pumped full of drugs, and guess where that goes? Yup, into us. We are becoming more immune to these antibiotics because of the meat we are eating, therefore lessening their effect on us when we actually get sick. So if there’s one thing it’s really important to buy, it’s meat. Find an organic butcher where you can ask for small amounts, and cheaper cuts. Things like sausages, mince and chicken thighs are great because they are cheaper, but you still get the quality. 

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