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How Much Sugar Is Actually In Your Morning Coffee?

How Much Sugar Is In Every High Street Coffee?

The Debrief: You wanted dentures by the time you were 35... right?

By now we all know that we’re eating (and drinking) too much sugar every day. Mostly, this is not entirely our fault; things like ready meals and condiments are packed with the stuff and, until now, no-one’s really sought to educate us on the matter.

The truth is, too much sugar is not only bad for your teeth, it can also cause your liver to overwork, cause diabetes and obesity and it can speed up your skin’s ageing process.

Luckily, Jamie Oliver and a bunch of other campaigners have been waving their anti-sugar placards up and down the country trying to bring our sugar-sozzled brains into the 21st century. And today, Action On Sugar has released new stats on some of the worst high street drinks showing that some of the very worst offenders - some have up to 25 teaspoonfuls of sugar in.

A few weeks ago we totted up how much sugar is in your alcoholic drinks (hint: a lot) but now we’ve taken a look at the morning coffees you drink because, you can #EatClean all you bloody well like, but if you’re mainlining mochas on the side, you’re still a sugarholic.

Oh, and FYI: the NHS recommend you don’t need any more than 30g a day.

How much sugar is in my skinny latte?

Starbucks: Tall, with skimmed milk: 14.1g

Caffe Nero: Regular, with skimmed milk: 7.2g

Pret: 11.3g

Eat: Small, skimmed milk, 11.8g

Costa: Primo, skimmed milk,13.9g


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How much sugar is in my black Americano?

Starbucks: Tall, 0g

Caffe Nero: Regular: 0g

Pret: 0g

Costa: 0g


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How much sugar is in my cappucino?

Starbucks: Tall, 8.5g

Caffe Nero: Regular, 3.8g

Pret: 8.8g

Eat: Small, skimmed milk, 8.5g

Costa: Primo, skimmed milk, 15.3g


It's going to be a multiple cups of coffee day. ☕️ #readysetgo #werk #upandatem

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How much sugar is in my flat white?

Starbucks: Short size as standard, 8.1g

Pret: 7.7g

Eat: Small, skimmed milk, 8.2g

Costa: Primo, skimmed milk, 15.6g

How much sugar is in my mocha?

Starbucks: Tall, skimmed milk, with whipped cream, 26.7g

Caffe Nero: Regular, with whipped cream, 24.3g

Pret: 20.7g

Costa: Primo, skimmed, 32.6g


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How much sugar is in my chai latte?

Starbucks: Tall, skimmed milk, 31.7g

Caffe Nero: Regular, skimmed milk, 33.2g

Eat: Small, skimmed milk, 33.6g

Costa: Primo, skimmed milk, 46.9g


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How much sugar is in my hot chocolate?

Starbucks: Tall, skimmed milk, 36.9g

Caffe Nero: Regular, skimmed milk, 40.1g

Eat: Small, skimmed milk, 25.6g

Costa: Primo, skimmed milk, 36.04g


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