Sarah Barrow | Contributing Writer | Thursday, 9 March 2017

Science Says Your Lunch Break Habits Reveal Loads About Your Personality Type

Science Says Your Lunch Break Habits Reveal Loads About Your Personality Type

The Debrief: Where you eat your lunch at work totally speaks volumes about your personality, apparently

How I spend my lunch depends on how I’m feeling or what I have to do and if the weather is even nice outside. That’s normal for most people right?

Having to do admin in your break is the worst, queueing up at the post office for pretty much your whole hour because the opening times are when you’re working and everyone has the same idea. So I’m either eating my homemade lunch while queueing, trying to open the packet bit by bit to disguise the egg sandwich I made because it stinks and you know what people will think in an instant. Or sometimes, I’ve not made lunch and have to queue so I don’t have time to grab something on the go and then skip a meal and go straight to the chocolate vending machine in the building. Struggles.

Whatever you do, research was done for Baxters Soup by Dr Sandi Mann, senior psychology lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire and she says your personality is out of four categories.

If you take as long a lunch break as you can, and shun routine. You’re impulsive.

If you eat at your desk, and force yourself to chat to colleagues and embrace rules and order. You’re a conformist.

The social butterfly typically heads for the canteen or social area with their pals and regards work as part of their ‘social scene’. 

And if you grab a bite while you work and put in plenty of extra hours you’re a perfectionist.

The sun is shining today, I’m going to be impulsive, with my homemade stir fry.

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