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Here\\\\\\\'s A Healthy, Cheap 5 Minute Thai Green Curry You Can Make Tonight

Here's A Healthy, Cheap 5 Minute Thai Green Curry You Can Make Tonight

The Debrief: Microwave meals don't have to be unhealthy, unsatisfying trays of doom.

A homemade Thai curry in under five minutes? Yes, it can actually be done. And not a jar of pre-made curry paste in sight. Try this basic yet fragrant zingy curry packed with flavour and crunchy veggies for the ultimate in winter feel-good food.

All that lean protein from the chicken with keep you full, there’s vitamins galore and the chilli will warm you up in no time. Just add ready-to-cook wild rice for a hearty and super-speedy fresh meal from scratch.

PS You can use curry paste if you *really* want – just swap out the lemongrass, ginger, garlic and chilli. 

5 Minute Thai Green Curry

You will need (serves one):
½ can coconut milk
½ lime
1 skinless higher welfare chicken breast
Handful of veg of your choice – I used baby sweetcorn and sugarsnaps
A few Kaffir lime leaves
½ fresh red chilli
The inside of ½ stick lemongrass, outer leaves discarded
Good slice of ginger
1 clove garlic
To serve: fish sauce, sugar, fresh coriander or Thai basil.

1.    If making your own paste, blitz the lemongrass, ginger (no need to peel), chilli and garlic in a mini processer for 30 seconds or so.
2.    Add to a microwaveable bowl, along with the chicken cut into strips and half a can of coconut milk. Cover and microwave for 2½ minutes.
3.    Your chicken will still be uncooked at this point, so remember not to taste it yet! Add the veggies, the Kaffir lime leaves and a squeeze of lime then stir, recover and microwave for another 2½ mins. 
4.    Leave to stand and infuse for a minute, then taste and season using the lime and coriander. You can cook some microwave-ready rice in this time if you like.
5.    Serve with more chilli, lime, sugar and some fish sauce if you have it – the Thais serve it this way to allow you to continue adjusting the seasoning as you eat.

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