Chloe Laws | Contributing Writer | Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Guys It Turns Out We\'ve Been Eating Toblerone Wrong

Guys It Turns Out We've Been Eating Toblerone Wrong

The Debrief: Fans of anything that makes eating chocolate easier

The viral video of how to eat Toblerone properly is music to our ears! No longer do you have to end up with hands covered in chocolate, feeling exhausted after wrestling with the bar. 

Toblerone is the chocolate of Christmas and airport duty free; we all know and love the triangular creation but sometimes eating it can be a challenge. Actually let's rephrase that, eating it is easy (and gone in a millisecond) but breaking the pieces off can turn into a mini workout.

Rather than trying to pull the chunks away from the rest of the bar, apparently we are meant to hold the bar in one hand whilst using your thumb to pull the triangle back towards you. 

This all sounds a bit complicated, but luckily Kaitlin Moore has made a video demonstrating how it's done. The video has now been viewed over 3 million times, so obviously the revelation has had a massive impact on chocolate fans everywhere. We're expecting a comment from Downing Street on the matter any moment now. 

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