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Free Things To Do This Halloween

Free Things To Do This Halloween

The Debrief: Can't afford a rip off of a Halloween party but want to partay anyway? No problem

Halloween is coming. This of course means you’ll be spending the weekend applying fake blood like its lipstick, and making sniggery gags about about apple bobbing.

To help you find your way through the litany of events going down the length and breadth of the country, here’s the best that won’t cost you a penny.

Halloween At Pet Pavilion - London

This chain of pet shops in London are doing special events where you can take your favourite canine along, and get him or her dressed up in Halloweeny outfits. Some people say dressing dogs up is the first true sign of true madness. They might be right, but CUTE.

Free Things To Do This Halloween

Saturday 31st October - All Day 


Ghoul Ranch - Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar - Brighton

If your idea of Halloween mash-up nirvana is spilling your pint over a pretty emo boy’s shoes whilst you mosh to ‘Last Resort’ , then this is the one for you. This legend of a Brighton night is renowned for playing every pop-punk, spa-punk, emo and nu-metal banger you ever loved as a teen. Re-love them as a zombie.

Free Things To Do This Halloween

Saturday 31st October - 23:00 - 03:00


Ghostly Goings On - Glasgow

Some like to go to clubs on Halloween. Some like to scare themselves watching silly films with ghosts, ghouls, or Kathy Bates. Some like to slap on a spooky lolz* outfit and go mooching around a country park for unknown japes and inhumanities. If the latter is you, get to Dams to Darnley Park. Bring a torch, obviously.

Free Things To Do This Halloween


*but weather appropriate

Samhuinn Fire Festival - Edinburgh

Taking place in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, this is a phantasmagoria of street performance and and theatre. Its traditions are firmly rooted in the pagan, and in and around you will be the physical depiction of Winter overthrowing Summer, with performers decked out in fiery horns and Wicker Man-cum-Pan’s Labrynth get-ups. Easy on the hairspray around all that flame.

Free Things To Do This Halloween

Saturday 31st October


Girls On Film Rocky Horror Special - The Deaf Institute, Manchester

The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s reputation as world’s greatest horror-musical-campfest is incontestable. For this night at The Deaf Institute, organisers are stating: “Fancy dress is a must, and we’re talking full-on Frank N’ Furter..” A room full of boozy FnFs is both a glorious and truly nightmare-inducing thought.

It’s only free until 11, so early doors, yeah?

Free Things To Do This Halloween

31/11 - 10PM - 3AM

http://www.thedeafinstitute.co.uk/event.php?id=935&d=2015-10-31 uCANda

Halloween Party - Cafe Cairo, London

Cafe Cairo is one of London’s truly unique venues. A boozy backstreet bedouin for hippies and hipsters, beards and weirds, it’s the sort of venue you can lose your mind in, but never your wallet (if you drop it, someone will just hand it in). They’re having a charity party there - for kids in Uganda, hence the name - which promises music along the lines of ‘mod at a hipster wedding disco’. Sounds pretty good to us.

Free Things To Do This Halloween

21.30 - 01.30


Halloween Havoc - Island Bar, Birmingham

With the promise of WCW wrestling pay-per-views playing on the big screen downstairs, this is a not-to-be missed opportunity for fans of, uhm, wrestling. Blokes in leotards notwithstanding, the guys behind Takin Care Of Business are known all over Birmingham for their righteous love of hip-hop, soul and rock and roll. They’re playing downstairs, whilst upstairs in the tiki lounge (!!!) is the brilliantly named Construction Time Again, who are dropping those 80s hits you rightly love without irony. Fancy dress, obvs.

Free Things To Do This Halloween


Thriller - The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool

If Rocky Horror is the ultimate horror musical, then ‘Thriller’ is the only Halloween video. This means there’s no finer place to moonwalk your way through another All Hallow’s than a night playing all night MJ. Unconfirmed reports suggest Liverpool’s charity shops are already running low on red leather jackets in readiness for the occasion.

Free Things To Do This Halloween

10pm - 3am


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