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7 Drinking Games You Can Play Without Cards

7 Drinking Games You Can Play Without Cards

The Debrief: No cards and a whole ton of booze? No problem.

Because you've played Truth Or Dare so often you know your flatmate's sexual history better than you know your own and, because you're still to lazy to buy a 50p pack of cards, you're in need of some drinking games that don't require either.

Here are a few suggestions.

1. Shot Roulette

A truly terrible idea. Get a whole bunch of shot glasses (at least one for every player, ideally more) and fill them all with water, except one. Fill that one with vodka. Yeah.

Next, shuffle them around and invite your fellow players to hold their noses and take a shot one at a time until the inevitable happens; someone gets the vodka. At this point, laugh at them loudly.

Consider it Kerplunk for (almost) grown-ups.

Top tip: If the person who gets the shot manages to conceal the fact that they drank the shot (a tall order) and the table gets through the rest of the water shots, the vodka drinker gets to choose someone to take a shot.

2. What's My Problem?

One to play with only the closest of friends. Seriously, this shit's dangerous.

Get one person to leave the room. While they're outside, agree with the others what their worst trait is. Don't go overboard; stick to things like 'you're on your phone too much' or 'you talk through every film ever'.

When the person returns, they have to try and guess what trait the group came up with. For each guess they get wrong, they must drink. The drink softens the blow. Or something.

Take it in turns or it's a mean game.

3. Text or shot

Get everyone to put their phones in the middle of the table, mix them up and ask everyone to take a random phone.

Without sending it, everyone composes a message to someone on the phone they now have in their possession.

The group then goes round in a circle and, without seeing the message on their phone, the phone's owner can choose to take a shot or let their phone's captor send the message.

Sophie's choice.

4. The Moustache Game

Good if you're watching a film or telly and drinking at the same time.

Cut out a couple of moustaches and stick them on your telly at random intervals. Every time the moustache lines up with a face, the group takes a drink.

5. 21

 Assemble your friends.

Take it in turns to say count up to 21 as in, one person says 'one', the next says 'two' and so on.

The only rule is that '7' and '14' are switched. If anyone gets this (or any of the other numbers), they drink.

Whoever gets to say '21' gets to make up a new rule for the next round to add to the 7/14 switcheroo. My personal fave? Instead of 'five' everyone has to say 'jess'.

Three confusing rounds in, a lot of drinking will be done.

6. Facebook Roulette

This doesn't really work with people you grew up with so best reserved for uni friends or above.

Get everyone to write down a social media URL of the first person they had sex with (insta, FB or Twitter, doesn't matter) and put it in a pot. Take it in turns to pull one out, look them up on a laptop and get the group to guess who had sex with them.

Whoever guesses correctly gets to choose the next name. Whoever had sex with them has to drink.

 7. Soggy Biscuit

No not that soggy biscuit game you sick fuck.

This one involves everyone thinking of an object, writing it on a piece of paper and putting it in a pot.

Take it in turns to choose an object. The object of the game is to nibble a biscuit into the object and for others to guess what it is.

The winner gets to nibble next. If no-one guesses, the nibbler drinks.

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