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5 Best Drinking Games For Two People

5 Best Drinking Games For Two People

The Debrief: Just you and a pal tonight? Don't worry there's plenty of drinking games that two people can enjoy.

Sometimes it's just the two of you and that's A OK.

1. Bullshit A La Deux

A perhaps much more sensible version of the multi-player card game Bullshit that always ends in fights (source: last time I played with my friend's 50-something dad he called me an 'old bitch' and threw his cards at me - alcohol was involved). Bullshit for two people doesn't require cards. Instead, take it in turns saying something outlandish about yourself that may or may not be true. Something like 'My last name actually means "Swine Shagger"' (absolutely not true) or 'One time I went on the Congo River Rapids at Alton Towers and my boob fell out and I couldn't slot it back in because my arms were pinned down by the restraint and so my boob enjoyed the whole ride hanging out' (absolutely true). The other person then has to guess whether your claim is true or bullshit. If they get it wrong, they drink.

2. Fast Questions

Good if you don't know someone that well (and want to destroy your relationship with them before it even gets off the ground. The two players take it in turns to quire fire a series of ten questions at each other - the questions must be yes or no and the questionee must answer 'yes' or 'no' without any hesitation. Which seems easy until you started entering grey area questions - try answering 'Do you know what a massive douchebag you are?' with just 'yes' or 'no' and no hesitation. Any faltering is served with a shot.

3. The Name Game

You've played this before but it works well for two people as a drinking game too. One person says a celebrity, and then the other person has to say another celebrity whose name starts with the first letter of the previous celebrity's last name. So for instance 'Miley Cyrus' could be countered with 'Cheryl Cole'. Impose a time limit and administer shots when one player fails.

4. Joke's On You

Get a pack of cards and leave one joker in. Shuffle the deck and set it in between the two players. Take it in turn to one by one turn a card over. The aim is not to get the joker. If you get it, the joke's on you! Which means you can A) Do a shot (standard) B) perform a dare or C) try and get out of it by telling a joke which the other person must find funny. No laughing out loud? It's option A or B for you.

5. Who's Googling Who?

One for the (awesome) nerds. Take two comparable things (eg Taylor Swift and Beyonce) and assign each one to a player. Then,  head over to Google Trends. Once there, set the time to 'past hour' and compare the words 'Taylor Swift' and 'Beyonce' to find out who the most popular person was on the internet over the past hour. The loser drinks. Sorry Taylor.

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