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Debrief Writers Share Their Best Hangover Cures To Help Your Head This Morning

Debrief Writers Share Their Best Hangover Cures To Help Your Head This Morning

The Debrief: Fuzzy head today? Here's a whole bunch of tried and tested methods to get you through the day

Now you're all done with Dry January, chances are you went hard this week because your levels of self control only work when the floodgates are firmly closed. Open them even a little bit and you'll find yourself digging around behind a shop's shutter at 3AM with a spatula, trying to retrieve your dropped phone. Just me?

Anyways - if you're struggling to get through today then allow us to give you a few suggestions on how to deal. Here's some of The Debrief's staff and writers best hangover cures.

The Foodie Way

Writer Sophie Wilkinson likes to tackle hangovers with food, 'Chicken flavour super noodles (or any other ramen noodle in a square pack) cooked as per the packet instructions but with a bit of crunchy peanut butter and soy sauce and sriracha sauce put in. Sometimes I step it up and put in rice wine vinegar and chillies and maybe some mushrooms and greens but mostly It’s noodles and peanut butter. It coagulates into a ball then you eat it.'

The Conventional Route

Our old creative editor Anna sticks to tried and tested methods, 'My foolproof method is to start the day by taking two ibuprofen, which is an antiinflammatory so soothes a headache way better than paracetamol. I wash this down with pint of water, full fat coke & coconut water (sorry but it works!).'

Supermarket Sweep

According to features and beauty writer Chemmie Squier, Sainsbury's is the way forward, 'Thanks to my uni days and the allure of Sainsbury's Local just across the road, their meal deal became my hangover go-to. Ham hock sandwich, full fat Coke and Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli is your (my) man.'

Get Zesty

Deputy editor Jess swears by self-loathing and showers, 'I roll around in bed reading Twitter until I become so disgusted by how late in the day it is that I’m forced to get up and get in the shower. Original Source lemon shower gel erases any of those gross memories of kebabs or fags and turning the temperature right down at the end gives you the shock/self-loathing punishment you need to go about the rest of your day.'

Fishy Business

Creative Editor Natalia swears by nostalgia telly and erm, fish. 'I watch back to back Friends and OC episodes. I like to eat tuna out of a tin when doing so.'

Hair Of The Dog

Writer Stevie goes in hard. 'Cheese, egg and bread based things throughout the day are essential; paninis, sandwiches, the lot. Then at about 4PM, a large glass of white wine mixed with soda water should sort you right out.'

The Classy Cure

Our old deputy editor Lena keeps things upmarket, 'At risk of sounding like a bit of a posh twat but San Pellegrino sparkling water is a winner. Scientifically it has the highest concentration of salt and thus is most satisfying on a hangover. And have now persuaded myself it's the only thing that works to justify the spend over normal soda water. In real dire times a 'Red Ambulance' aka full fat coke is bought instead.'

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