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Coffee In Cones Is A Thing And We\\\'re Not Sure How We Feel

Coffee In Cones Is A Thing And We're Not Sure How We Feel

The Debrief: How waffle can it be?

#coffeeinacone is a trend that’s been brewing on Instagram since January. 


A photo posted by Jenn Bell (@jenn.spiration) on May 21, 2016 at 6:20am PDT

What was wrong with paper cups? Well, nothing. But they’re just not quite as pretty as a flat white served in a hand-crafted, chocolate-lined waffle cone. No filter needed. 

Credit for creating this waffle wonder goes to Dayne Lavingrad, owner of Grind Coffee in Johannesburg, South Africa. Lavingrad claims that the innovative beverage is the world’s most Instagrammed coffee, with almost one million images branded #coffeeinacone. 


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To prevent your drink from leaking all over your lap before you’ve even had a chance to VSCO your coffee snap, the waffle cones are made especially for this purpose, and are lined with four different types of chocolate. Still, it’s recommended that customers finish their drinks within three minutes to avoid leakage and possible burns. 

Despite reports of fast food giant KFC trialling their version of the edible ‘Scoff-ee cup’ in the UK last year, nothing as pleasing to the eyes (and belly) as the waffle-clad macchiatos dominating our Instagram feeds is currently on offer in the UK. 


A photo posted by Scmyk (@scmyk) on May 17, 2015 at 11:25pm PDT


So in the near future it’s unlikely we’ll be able to judge for ourselves whether or not this trend is too hot to handle. 


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