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The Meal You Can Make To Eat Every Day This Week And Not Get Bored Of

How To Cook The Ultimate Asian Fried Rice

The Debrief: Plus it costs like, nothing. Yep, you're welcome.

Since the day I moved into my dorm room in Leeds aged 20 years old, there’s been something that’s stood by me, something that’s been with me the whole time, that got me through having no money, no spare time, and helped me overcome hangovers. It’s not my best friend, it wasn’t my boyfriend… it was one meal. I ate this for dinner for almost a year and didn’t get bored of it. Cheap, quick, healthy, versatile and insanely tasty- here’s the only meal you’ll ever need.

Super Simple Asian Fried Rice

And now, I pass the secret onto you. Here's how to make it you lucky sods.


Brown Rice
Green beans
Seseme seed oil
Soy Sauce
A lime


First thing you need to do is bring a mug of brown rice to the boil. While it's bubbling away put your sliced peppers and green beans in a pan with garlic, chilli, a little sesame seed oil and a bit of soy. Have them gently sizzling away while your rice is cooking. Add broccoli florets to your rice after around 15 minutes and boil for a couple more of minutes. Add half a can of tuna to the vegetables and stir so it’s mixed right in with the soy saucy, chilli-ish, garlicy veggies. Strain your rice and broccoli and add to the tuna veggie mix.


Now this bit is the big secret. My dad came up with this mixture years ago and it is the tastiest, healthiest and simplest sauce you’ll ever eat. Thanks Roy, you're a legend Roy.

Just 2 dessert spoons of soy sauce, 2 dessert spoons of sesame seed oil and the juice of half a lime, and your yummy bowl of goodness is complete. Add crushed peanuts on top if you want your life to be changed forever.

So there you have it. A perfect superfood, yummy chinese bowl of joy. You're welcome.

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