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7 one tray dinners that mean you don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t have to wash up

7 One-Tray-Bake Dinners For When You're Avoiding The Washing Up

The Debrief: Because we're hungry and lazy and are pretending that pile of dishes doesn't exist.

Life is busy. We’ve got work to do, people to see, Instagram to scroll through and so on and so on. So who really has time to do the washing up? Not us. One-sheet bakes are our saving grace, especially as it means you can pile in as much as will physically fit in your oven and save the leftovers for a week of lunching if you can resist.

If you're no good at leaving the Tupperware well alone though, don't fret. Most of these recipes are healthy and fully loaded with veggies, and the slightly more indulgent ones are frankly just worth the extra portion (looking at you Nachos). 

1. One-pan healthy sausage and veg 

Say the word sausage and you’ve got our attention. Meat and two veg is really taken up a notch with this recipe from Chelsea's Messy Apron. Swapping the boring old chicken for flavourful sausage, and serve with a roasted rainbow. For a lower fat version, try using a chicken or turkey sausage, or you can stay traditional with a good old pork banger. 

2. Prosciutto wrapped cod 

Fish AND meat in under half an hour? This is a weekday saviour from The Petite Cook that even satisfies those with certain intolerances. It's gluten-free and dairy-free so a great one if you're entertaining a group. And it is packed full of yum with herbs, balsam and garlic for a fully-fledged Italian feast that isn’t a margarita pizza. 

3. Southwest vegetable bake 

Freaking out over the news that we should apparently now be getting 10 a day? Don't worry, as you can easily load up on veg with this one from Yummy Beet. Bursting with tomato, kale and corn, you can tot up your servings by adding a big salad, or swap in butternut squash instead of the potato (which doesn’t count towards your intake, sob). Oh, and btw, it's called 'southwest' for a reason. You can thank that cumin and chilli taste sensation.

4. Tofu and green beans

One of the most Instagram-worthy of all the tray bakes, this Asian platter is more than just a feast for the eyes. If you’re already a veggie then you’ll probably have got the tofu thing down to a T, but if you’re big on the meat don’t be afraid to experiment: Kitchn gives the perfect break down on how to cook the stuff. 

5.Teryaki chicken and vegetables

For the nights your head says salad but your heart says Chinese takeaway, this traybake from The Recipe Critic is a wonderful compromise that'll satisfy those cravings. Full of sticky flavour but with the added bonus of lots of lovely healthy veg, you can’t go wrong with this 20-minute lob-it-together dinner. 

6. Easy sheet pan Nachos  

Ahh nachos. Is there anything more satisfying than a plate of carbs and cheese? How about this plate of carbs and cheese with some garlicy meat and no washing up from Damn Delicious? Sold. 

7. Honey mustard salmon 

‘Winner winner salmon dinner’, Cooking Classy writes about this recipe. And if you’re on the superfood/live fit/uber health band wagon then you will agree. Even if you’re not you can’t really go wrong with sticky honey and spicy mustard infused salmon and some roasted onion, can you? 

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