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Someone Has Created A Hotdog Hamburger Combo Called A Hamdog

Someone Has Created A Hotdog Hamburger Combo Called A Hamdog

The Debrief: Gross or great?

Today in food news so ridiculous we don’t even know where to start, an Australian guy called Mark Murray has created a hot dog, hamburger hybrid (that’s a burger to all you Brits). And it’s called a ‘Hamdog.’ Watch this video if this concept is worrying you slightly.

Mark first appeared on Australia’s version of Dragon’s Den,Shark Tank,’ with the idea back in 2009 but he was turned down for funding. He told ‘Everyone told me it wasn’t possible, because you’d need a patent lawyer and it would cost millions of dollars.' Well, it was possible everyone, and Mark is living his hamdog dream.

The Hamdog is made up of a beef patty cut in half, with a Frankfurt sausage inserted in the middle. The bun even has a little hollow so the sausage can fit nice and snug in it. The buns are moulded in a Perth bakery specially, so they can fit both the sausage and patty. They are topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles and three sauces (mustard, tomato and mayonnaise). I can’t work out if this is gross, great or the most unnecessary thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t we all eat enough meat as it is? It's already in high demand, with people coming from everywhere to the hamdog marquees in Western Australia to taste them.

How do you feel about this meat concoction? Do you love it or do you hate it? Go tell us over at ‘Club Debrief.

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