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Aldi Is Releasing A Three-Litre Bottle Of Prosecco And We\'re Excited (Thirsty)

Aldi Is Releasing A Three-Litre Bottle Of Prosecco And We're Excited (Thirsty)

The Debrief: But how will we get it in the fridge? How many glasses does it fill? So many questions.

It’s September now, which means another summer is sadly over - but party season is about to begin, and Aldi has got our backs.

After Aldi’s £9.97 gin was recently declared one of the best in the world, they’ve potentially changed the game again by releasing a THREE-LITRE bottle of Prosecco. That’s double the size of a magnum, while your average bottle of fizz is usually 750ml.

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The £39.99 bottle is known as a ‘jeroboam’ and contains about 24 glasses (depending on how big you like yours…), meaning it’s well worth the money and will last for your entire Christmas party, New Year’s Eve bash/one big night in with your three best mates, depending on how boozy you want it to get. It’s been launched after the discount supermarket first released a magnum of Prosecco two years ago, and its champagnes and fizzes went down a treat last winter.

And there’s more: Aldi have also said they’re releasing a new Maynard’s pink port, a Pumpkin Spiced Irish Cream Liqueur (to add to your spiced latte), and adding four new Sherries to their range. We’re definitely not going to be running out of tipple options any time soon… can we have one of each? 

You’ll have to wait until November 14 to grab one (or five) of the new supersize Proseccos, so save the date and get in line when it hits the shelves, and you can be one of the first to be one of the first to post on Insta hilariously pretending to down the whole thing. What a time to be alive. 

One massive question is looming though - how the F are we going to get it in the fridge? If your mum has one of those massive chest freezers from the 1980s, then you are so sorted... 

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