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Actually Fun Things To Do This Weekend In The Crap Weather

Actually Fun Things To Do This Weekend In The Crap Weather

The Debrief: Realiable weather sources (ahem, tabloids) reckon we're in for 6 weeks worth of rain. Excellent.

According to our reliable friends over at the tabloid newspapers, today, and this weekend, is a no good, terrible, horrible time for fans of sunny weather – which, let’s face it, unless you’re a nihilist, is all of us, right? After several weekends of lovely beer garden sitting and back garden sunbathing, this weekend you’re going to be forced inside due to ‘unseasonable bad weather’ that includes 60 mph winds. Score.

Here’s some stuff you can do if you’ve forgotten how to do anything but drink cider in the sun.

Go and see Inside Out

It’s not just a kids’ film. Promise. It’s the most glorious and heart-wrenching animation you’ll have seen since Up. Starring Amy Poehler, it’s about a little girl called Riley and the creatures that live in her head and control her emotions. It}s nostalgic, heart-warming and definitely worth whatever stupid amount of money you have to pay to go to the cinema now.

Eat bad and delicious food in Manchester

Infamous Diner literally opened its doors yesterday. And it gave out free burgers that people queued around the block for. You’ve missed out on the free stuff, but this new place in the Northern Quarter is a banging place to avoid the rain/soak up your hangover with all of the food in the world. There’s eight different kinds of hot dogs, 11 burgers and like a zillion choices for sides. Check out their alcoholic shakes for an extra kick.

Stay in and watch Pitch Perfect

If you’re broke and going out just isn’t an option (it is the last week before payday), then stay in and watch the very excellent Pitch Perfect on Saturday at 9pm on Channel 4. FYI it’s also 2 for 1 on delivery pizzas from Pizza Hut this weekend, just in case you fancy inviting a friend (or eating two yourself).

Rock up at Hampshire for some climbing

Forget your classic wall climb course with its weirdly shaped (and did we mention sweaty) hand grabs, Rock Up Whiteley has reinvented the activity with its colourful, cool and pretty crazy courses that’ll have you literally bouncing off the walls. Plus, rock climbing is like totally A Thing right now, didn’t you know?

Become the next Banksy in Liverpool

Ever secretly wanted to become a graffiti bad-ass? If so, deffos head to Zap Graffiti for the chance to gain some serious can-control skills and to create your own 4x4 foot artwork to take home.

Commute to Star City in Birmingham

Star City in Birmingham not only has a massive Vue (for all your Inside Out viewing), tiki-themed mini-golf, fun fair, arcade, rocking climbing course and did we also mention a Laser Station/blast? It’s going to be filled with kids but meh, join in and have a blast.

Ski on real snow in Manchester

If last year’s lack of snow let you down massively, then head to Chill Factore? You ski down the UK’s longest indoor ski slope but you can also snowboard if you’re actually cooler than we’re giving you credit for. 

Bounce into Farringdon for some ping-pong

If you fancy some good grub and attempting to play ping-pong, then there’s no other place to go than Bounce in London. Not only can you gorge on fresh pizza but also kick your friend’s asses at the same time. Plus, it’s been on Made In Chelsea. So there’s that.

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