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7 Things To Do With Brussels Sprouts To Stop Them Tasting Like Farts

7 Things To Do With Brussels Sprouts To Stop Them Tasting Like Farts

The Debrief: The most hated Christmas vegetable doesn't have to be rubbish. Just add bacon.

There’s no two ways about it: Brussels sprouts are the foot fungus of your Christmas dinner, the ingredient that just sits there, silently, ruining everything else on your plate. This year, take action. Offer to take charge of the greenery  and pinch one of these excellent recipes that do a very good job of bastardising sprouts into something completely unrecognisable – and actually edible.

1. Bacon And Brussels Sprout Gratin

15 minutes

You know what makes everything taste a whole lot better? Cheese. Also bacon. Possibly the two greatest ingredients known to man. Unless you’re lactose intolerant and/or a vegan or vegetarian. In which case, sorry.

But for those of you who can indulge in meaty/cheesy feasts, has an excellent way to cover up the Brussels sprout taste by basically smothering it with enough dairy to drown a small child. Get the full delicious recipe here.

2. Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

50 minutes

Another bacon solution here to save the day. These are slightly healthier versions of your fave pigs in blankets and are so simple to make that even you can nail them first time. Check out the full recipe over at Fit Foodie Finds.

3. Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

25 minutes

Balsamic’s a strong-tasting flavour, isn’t it? Probs why it’s so popular when it comes to Brussels sprouts recipes. This super simple roasting recipe literally just requires you to roast your Brussels with some balsamic and a couple of other seasonings which cause them to caramelise. Yum. Check out the full recipe over at Being Bethany Jane.

4. Crispy Asian Glazed Brussels Sprouts

50 mins

Here’s a nifty idea, turn your sprouts into something completely different. This recipe smothers them in so much damn sauce they could be any number of foodstufs from chicken to tofu to aubergine to carrots. One commenter describes them as ‘crack’. So that’s good. Get the full recipe over at the confusingly named 4 Sons ‘R’ Us.

5. Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Cinnamon Butternut Squash, Pecans, and Cranberries

25 minutes

This is definitely more of an autumny than a winter recipe, but considering you’re the girl who’s eaten a McFlurry outside in mid-January, the rules don’t apply to you. This involves mixing Brussels with fruits and veggies that actually taste good, and then roasting the shit out of them. We approve. Full recipe on Julia’s Album.

6. Brussels With Hustle

10 minutes

This is a quick and easy way to disguise Brussels sprouts so they don’t even look like Brussels sprouts any more. Instead, they look more like cabbage, which TBH, Brussels sprouts probably are. Teeny tiny cabbages. Anyway, this cunning plan from Jamie Oliver takes next-to-no-time at all and is super easy. And involves Worcester sauce which, as all savvy girls know, is the greatest ingredient known to man. Full recipe here.

7. Brussels Sprouts Sweet Potato Hash

40 minutes

Because sweet potato’s never not good. Especially when you team it with garlic. Full recipe over at Leelalicious.

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