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7 Beetroot Recipes To Help You Get To Like Everyone\'s Favourite (Sigh) Superfood

7 Beetroot Recipes To Help You Get To Like Everyone's Favourite (Sigh) Superfood

The Debrief: Even if you don't like beetroot, here's how to prepare it so you do.

Everything is beetroot coloured at the moment. From beetroot brownies to beetroot juice. Here's some more stuff to do with the like-it-or-loathe it veg.

1. Beetroot in a jar

This isn't a recipe. Just a friendly reminder. Those jars of pickled stuff at the supermarket that sit on the lower shelves, are covered in dust and are eschewed by everyone in favour of fresh veggies are a total lifesaver when it comes to making salads and the like. The Sainsburys pickled beetroots are £1, come in a recyleable jar and last for six weeks once opened. See also, pickled cabbage, sauerkraut, pickled gherkins.... Not pickled onions though. I can't force myself to go there.

2. Beetroot brownies

Time: 30 minues

Even the most hardened of beetroot haters will fall for these. Mainly because chocolate overshadows the beetrootyness of them. These versions have just four ingredients; beetroot (obvs), flour, sugar and chocolateand take 20 minutes to cook. Even you can't bugger them up. Get the recipe from Bargain Mums.

3. Scandinavian Style Beetroot And Potato Salad

Time: 20 minutes

Good if you can't handle any more bloody potato salad at barbecues this summer. Riverford recommend serving this with pickled herrings but erm, I'm going to go ahead and allow you to serve it with a fat old burger. Buy ready cooked beetroots too to knock 45 minutes off the recipe.

4. Breakfast Beetroot Smoothie Bowl

Time: As long as it takes your blender to schuzz things up

Obviously you're not going to do this on a weekday morning unless you're a super early bird riser but it does make for a good dinner. Or weekend breakfast. When you've got time to Instagram the end results. Get the full recipe here from A Tasty Love Story.

5. Beetroot And Tahini Dip

Time: 15 minutes.

For when regular hummus isn't cutting it and the supermarket has run out the caramelised onion version. Again, buy the ready cooked beets. Get the recipe her from The Saveur.

6. Beetroot Thoran

Time: 35 minutes

You'd think what with all your mates that had gone off sunning themselves in kerala, at least one of them could have told you about this dish. It's kind of a beetroot stirfry, and it's delicious. Get the full recipe here from BlogExplore.

7. Beetroot and Feta Salad

Time: 10 minutes

The easiest of all the dishes. Just chuck cubed beetroot in with feta and paresley and cover with a lemony dressing. Easy mate. Get the full dish here from Scrambled Chefs.

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