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New Study Finds That Readers Are The Nicest People

New Study Finds That Readers Are The Nicest People

The Debrief: Better grab yourself a book.

A new study conducted by Kingston University in London suggests that people who read are likely to be nicer, and act in a more socially acceptable manner than those who prefer to watch TV.

In the study, 123 participants were quizzed on the forms of media that they most preferred: books, plays or television. Then, they were tested on interpersonal skills, such as how much they considered other people's feelings and whether they were inclined to help others.

Surprisingly, TV fans came across as less empathetic and understanding of others' views, while regular book readers were kinder and more empathetic. Researchers claim that this could be because reading books allows people to see things from other people's point of view, which in turn makes them better able to understand others.

The study then went a step further and determined the types of literature that had the biggest impact on book readers' emotional intelligence. Apparently, fiction book lovers are more inclined toward positive social behaviour, while romance novel fans are more empathetic, and comedy book lovers can easily relate to others.

'Exposure to fiction relates to a range of empathetic abilities,' researches said. 'Engaging with fictional prose and comedy in particular could be key to enhancing people's empathetic abilities.'

As well as improving relationships and interpersonal skills, reading can have other benefits, like improved memory and reduced stress levels. So, there's really no excuse to not get stuck into a good old book.

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