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Emma Gannon, Author Of Ctrl Alt Delete, Solves Your Online Dilemnas

Emma Gannon, Author Of Ctrl Alt Delete, Solves Your Online Dilemmas

The Debrief: Want to know how to deal with trolls or whether you have to bare your soul online to be successful? Social media hero and blogger Emma Gannon answers your questions.

In case you aren't a savvy young millenial, then allow us to introduce you to Emma Gannon. Full disclosure, Emma Gannon used to work at The Debrief but she left us to go on a stratospheric rise to internet superstardom.

See Emma is also a blogger, she's the creator of Girl Lost In The City. She's also a Podcaster, her podcast Ctrl Alt Delete has featured ace people like Deliciously Stella, Zoella and Luisa Omeilan. Now, she's gone and released a book.

Also called Ctrl Alt Delete, it's about Emma's life growing up online. It's funny, honest, and nostalgic and liable to make you cringe as you remember late nights spent on MSN Messenger and early attempts at sexting.

Seeing as Emma's got herself figured out online, we thought it would be a good idea to ask her YOUR questions about winning the internet. So, whether it's how to deal with trolls or just how to get more followers, Ganners has the answers to your questions.

Ctrl Alt Delete is out now on Ebury. Get it here.

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