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Australian Quidditch Captain Doesn\\\'t Even Like Harry Potter, Just Wanted To Get With A Girl

Australian Quidditch Captain Doesn't Even Like Harry Potter, Just Wanted To Get With A Girl

The Debrief: Australia's foremost ambassador for the wizarding world's greatest sport doesn't even care

Is nothing sacred anymore?

James Mortensen, the captain of the Australian Quidditch team (yes it's a thing, piss off) has admitted in an interview that he doesn't even care about Harry Potter and that he only got into the sport because a girl he was seeing was a big fan.

Mortensen told 666 ABC Canberra 'I started dating a girl and she said, "Look, I play this sport, I reckon you might enjoy it." And I thought, "Well, I reckon I might like to impress you".'

He says a growing number of non-fans are coming to the sport; and it's causing trouble with the actual fans. 'I was part of the first wave of people who came to the game for it's quality,' He said. 'There's a bit of an oil and water situation, where you've got the diehard fans compared to the athletes that have walked in and said, '"this is something that I really want to play".'

He then goes on to say, 'For the original Harry Potter fans, the people who are drawn to this sport [but] had never played sport before, it's sort of a trial by fire.'

See, what Mr. Mortensen seems to be implying here is that diehard Harry Potter fans are not 'athletes'. And sure, I myself have never played quidditch but, after reading all seven books 16 times as well as purchasing my own Olivander-brand wand from the Harry Potter Studio Tour gift shop, does Mr. Mortensen really think I couldn't waltz onto a quidditch pitch, caputre the golden snitch and walk away with the Quidditch World Cup 2016 raised firmly and victoriously above my head before going to make out with Oliver Wood behind the broomstick sheds? IMHO, Harry Potter fans are far more equipped than lowly muggles to indulge in wizarding activities.

Why, just last week I used my wand to summon the Knight Bus. In all fairness, the Knight Bus was a red London Bus and I was at a request stop but hey, you get the idea.

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