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Women Are Painting Viral Memes Onto Their Eyelids And It\\\\\\\'s Amazing

Women Are Painting Viral Memes Onto Their Eyelids And It's Amazing

The Debrief: Meme makeup is a thing, people.

Normally, when you come across a funny meme, you'll look at it, have a little laugh, and then share it with your friends. But, some women are taking sharing to a whole new level, by translating memes into eye makeup. Yes, we're here to tell you that meme makeup is a thing, and it's utterly mesmerising.

While there have already been many bizarre beauty trends go viral recently (remember dick eyeliner?), meme makeup is definitely up there with the weirdest. And while we'll never look at eye-art in the same way again, we have to admit: we're all for this meme makeup trend, considering that this type of artistry requires some serious skills. See some of our favourite internet sensations recreated as eye makeup, below. 

Credit: @chelseywolz

Salt bae broke the internet when he was pictured sprinkling salt onto meat a few months ago. And now, he's become such an icon that people are painting him onto their eyelids.


Credit: @_aleeexiis

Crying Kim is an image that we for one are very familiar with. And obviously, what makeup look is complete without it?


Credit: @niasmakeup

If you can't manage a smoky eye, don't fret: evil Kermit is the perfect alternative. Plus, he'll help to bring out the green in your eyes.


Credit: @lexusmperez

Confused Nick Young looks even more confused as eye makeup, and it's probably because he's not quite sure why anyone would want him on their eyelids. 


Credit: @lexusmperez

Watching the 'hurt bae' viral video was heartbreaking enough, so we can't imagine why you would want to recreate this tragic scene as eye-art. But each to their own, right?

So, thanks to the talented makeup artists of the internet, you'll now never be stuck for ideas on which eyeshadow look to rock for your next night out. Now, excuse us while we go and practice our eyeshadow blending skills.

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